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Innovative Roofing is a reputable roofing contractor In the heartland of the United States, where the vast landscapes of Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, and Missouri stretch across the horizon, a new wave of innovation is reshaping the roofing industry. As communities thrive and buildings evolve, the demand for cutting-edge roofing solutions has spurred a surge in creativity and sustainability. Roofing companies in these states are at the forefront of embracing technological advancements and eco-friendly practices, revolutionizing the way roofs are designed, installed, and maintained. From the sprawling plains of Kansas to the picturesque landscapes of Colorado, roofing professionals are introducing novel approaches that go beyond mere protection against the elements. Sustainable roofing materials, smart technology integration, and environmentally conscious practices have become hallmarks of the industry. This introduction delves into the realm of innovative roofing services that cater to the unique needs of the Heartland, ensuring resilient structures that stand the test of time while minimizing environmental impact. Join us on a journey through the latest trends and advancements in roofing, as we explore how Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, and Missouri are embracing innovation to create roofs that not only shield homes and businesses but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future..

We are a family-owned business serving the Omaha community since 2013. We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality workmanship and customer service.

Our 7 Core Values

Customers Needs First


Encourage Teamwork


Honesty & Integrity

Reliability & Accountability

Exhibiting Professionalism

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Meet our co-owner, Ramiro Ortega! Ramiro hit the ground running and co-founded Innovative Roofing in 2013. With years of experience on many sides of the industry, Ramiro has a vast depth of industry knowledge and insights. Before launching Innovative Roofing, Ramiro initially had aspirations of running his own business and became a Team Leader with a major construction company. During this time, he grew to love the construction industry and became extremely passionate about it. Ramiro decided to leave his position with the company he worked for so he could follow his passion and fully dedicate his time to building Innovative Contractors DBA Innovative Roofing.




Service industry worker with 5 years of food/hospitality service. Hardworking, determined, open minded, and passionate. Business administration major with a minor in economics from University of Nebraska Omaha. Skilled in data analysis, communication, group working and problem solving.

Production Manager



Hi my name is Antoine Tureaud , I’m part of the team here at innovative roofing! I like to open the line of communication for clients , customers, & businesses so we can get projects done . My interests is coaching high school wrestling boys and girls mentoring them so they can be the best Version of their selves. I recently have a two year son who’s bring me the most joy in the world.

Project Manager



I was born in the small town Kearney Ne, there I was raised by a hardworking Christian family. Those values were instilled in me at a young age and I am very grateful for that. I grew up enjoying the outdoors, playing sports, and working on various projects with my Dad. I attended Kearney Catholic where I continued to excel in sports like wrestling and I always kept a job through high school. After high school I went to UNK for Construction management. I later worked on many construction projects like schools, hospitals and custom homes. I took a leap of faith later on and decided to start my own business doing finish carpentry in Omaha on high end homes. I immediately fell in love with this line of work. Working on and building dream homes for homeowners is one of the most gratifying feelings for me. I was then introduced to Innovative Roofing and I was amazed how this companies values matched mine entirely. Innovative really allows me to connect with people and add value to homeowners lives by giving every person a beautiful home to come back to every day. I couldn’t be happier as a project manager for Innovative Roofing.

Project Manager



I’m a new motivated project manager for Innovative roofing! I have a notable history in sales, and I am looking to bring that same passion and caring attitude to my new career and clients.

Project Manager