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Innovative Roofing is fully insured and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We offer a 5 Year and Limited Lifetime warranty on all of our labor so you can feel good about your investment!


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“​We strive to give our customers the very best we have to offer, while dealing fairly and honestly with all with whom we associate. This is why Innovative Contractors has remained one of the best professional contractors in the state”

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Innovative Roofing is a reputable roofing contractor servicing Omaha, Nebraska. Due to the overwhelming response, testimonials & reviews, and support of our previous and current customers, we continue to rise above our competitors and have managed to be recognized by industry leaders and gain approvals of various local and national agencies, as well as nonprofit organizations, Better Business Bureau (BBB).

We continuously strive to keep it affordable as we continue to provide great residential roofing services to the homeowners of nearby communities. Through reliable materials we use and efficient services. Our customers love us for:

  • High-Level Training, Certifications, Full-Insurance Coverage
  • Tested and Proven Dedication to Excellence
  • Superior Customer Care, with Extended Hours of Service If Needed
  • Free Estimates and Inspection
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As one of the best property improvement contractors, we also offer:

  • Complete Gutter System Services
  • Commercial & Residential Roofing
  • Reliable Interior Insulation Services
  • Efficient Insurance Claim Assistance

As an experienced property improvement contractor and roofing contractor in Omaha, Nebraska, you can always rely on us for your insulation, and gutter service needs. From maintenance to gutter installation servicess of any kind – Know My City’s Requirements for Coverings!

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Omaha is the largest city of Nebraska and is also considered as the county seat of Douglas County. Since it is consists of a vast land area, approximately 330 square kilometers, there are many tourist spots – We are also conveniently located near:

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Ramiro Ortega

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Meet our co-owner, Ramiro Ortega! Ramiro hit the ground running and co-founded Innovative Contractors since 2013. With many years of experience on many sides of the industry, Ramiro has a vast depth of industry knowledge and insights. Prior to launching Innovative Contractors, Ramiro initially had aspirations of running his own business and became a Team Leader with a former major construction company. During this time, he grew to love the contractor industry and became extremely passionate about it. Ramiro decided to leave his position with the company he worked for so he could follow his passion and fully dedicate his time to building Innovative Contractors DBA Innovative Roofing.

Nikola Tesla

You probably see our trucks with an image of one of the biggest innovative icons in history: Nikola Tesla. Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor who had over 300 patents. Some of his greatest include the X-ray, radio, wireless technology and many more. Tesla has inspired our company’s President Ramiro for many years.


  • Meet Camila!
  • Camila is Innovative’s mascot.

Camila networks with agents, handles our project management department, and makes sure the project is clean at the end of the job. We’re just kidding Camila is just part of the family. She looks cute and loves unconditionally.


When it comes to filing an insurance claim on your business or home, the process can be discouraging and confusing. At Innovative Roofing, we ease the stress and time it takes to file an insurance claim by providing you with a billing specialist who is 100% committed to ensuring that you receive every penny you deserve.


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