June 13

Value with Innovative Contractors


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How do companies create value with roofing, siding and related services?

We think it’s a good question. In looking at the overall industry, we’ve developed several ways to help our customers to navigate the process and save money along the way. We’re proud of our business model and we want to share it with you!

As a small local business, our philosophy is that honest work is its own reward, and word-of-mouth and reputation matter. We stand behind all of our work and our reputation in the community. Here are some ways that we accommodate our clients’ needs by avoiding excessively high costs or a drawn-out project timeline.

The Free Estimate

At Innovative Contractors, we will provide a free in-home estimate. It’s that easy.

There’s a reason that high-quality businesses such as many law firms offer free introductory consultations, and the best firms in our industry offer free estimates. Simply put, people don’t want to pay to try to figure out what it will cost them to do a necessary repair. They want to get a fair market price that they can look at and compare to other numbers to see where they stand.

Our free estimates allow us to become familiar with what the project needs, and at the same time accomplish that goal of giving the prospect of client that up-front information.

Excellent Customer Service

If you ever hired a roofer or other contractor and had been disappointed by delays, lack of communication and general project lag, you know how frustrating and inconvenient that can be. When there’s an agreement in hand, it’s important that work progresses on time and according to the plan, and that contractors keep in touch. We stay attuned to your needs throughout the project and even offer extended service hours when necessary, because we understand the role that we play in helping you to safeguard your investment in a property.

Our Five-Year Warranty

Here’s where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. The five-year warranty shows how we stand behind our labor and the materials that we use to complete one of your home improvement projects. For a significant investment such as a roof or new siding, this warranty is important because it helps you to avoid more costly projects down the line. Talk to Innovative Contractors about whatever you need to make your property look great and protect it from the elements for long-term structural integrity and a great overall impression in terms of curb appeal. We are active all around the Omaha area and can come out and get you a free estimate.

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