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Things you should expect from your roofing company


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Things You Should Expect from Your Roofing Company

Experiencing roof issues and searching for a reputable and experienced local roofing company? You’re right on track! Given the investment and importance of a quality roof, researching local businesses to find the right roofing contractor for your project is important.

In this post, we outline 9 things you should expect from a roofing company

Good communication

When investing in your home, you’re going to have questions. Who answers those questions matters.

Make sure that the roofing contractor you work with has someone always available to answer any questions you have. This person should be someone directly involved in the work being done on your roof.

Proper diagnosis

At the start of the project, The contractor should be able to diagnose the root issue and not just recommend a new roof. Without proper diagnosis, the same problem that caused the initial issue could cause you to have a damaged roof all over again.

Positive reviews

Homeowners who’ve had work done by a roofing contractor are in the best position to evaluate their work, their opinions matter.

Anybody you work with should always have positive reviews online. Take special note of comments regarding:

Customer service

Quality of workmanship



Overall experience

If you see multiple negative comments, ask for an explanation. If they don’t have a good answer, it’s probably a good idea to steer clear.

Local experience

Local businesses stay around for one reason above all : consistent, quality service. Focusing your search on local businesses whose records of quality service in your area can be tracked.

When a company in your are has firm roots, you can rely on them being there for their warranty and standing behind their work.

Don’t be afraid to ask a contractor how long they’ve been in the community.

Utilization of good roofing products

Roofs need to be made from quality products that last. When a roofer gives you a quote, they’ll also include the type of roofing material they’re planning on using. Make sure the material they use actually matches up with the material on your estimate.

Products and labor warranty

Good businesses stand behind their work. Roofing contractors should be no different.

When a roofing project is completed, there are generally two components to any roof warranty:

Labor warranty: This is the warranty of the workmanship of the roof and covers a faulty job installing the roof. This is covered by the roofing contractor.

Materials warranty: This warranty covers failure or manufacturers defects on the actual materials the roofs are made with. These are generally offered by the manufacturer and not the roofing contractor themselves.

Reputable roofers are trained to install the roofing material in a way that does not void the material. They’ll also help you with any roofing material claims that need to be made.

They must be insured, licensed, and bonded

This could be the most important step. Working with a roofing contractor who is insured, licensed, and bonded will protect you before, during, and after the roofing project has been completed.

All three protect you in different ways:

Insured roofers protect against worker or property damage during the project.

Bonded roofers protect against a subpar job. This protects you in case the roofers just get up and leave, don’t honor a warranty, or are simply being unresponsive to obvious failures to live up to your contract

Licensed roofers provide overarching protection to everything else.

Make sure any roofer you work with provides a free estimate for your roofing project, they should be willing to earn your business. Reputable roofing contractors will be eager to come out to you and provide a simple quote for the cost of the project.

Good work

You should expect good work from any roofing contractor you work with.

The best way to ensure you find a roofer who does good work? Don’t settle.

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