June 13

These Are The Worst Threats To Your Roofing


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The roof is undeniably the most critical aspect of a home’s structure. A roof’s large surface area can leave it susceptible to many types of damage from exposure to the elements and other natural phenomena. Since the roof is a house’s first line of defense, its integrity is essential to a safe and sound structure. 

As homeowners, we must protect our roofs from threats that can damage our homes and possibly unsafe conditions for our families. Here are the worst threats to roofs and what you can do to keep your roof strong. 

Wind Can Be Hazardous For Your Roof

The power of the wind to cause damage to your home’s roof is significant. Besides kicking up dust and debris, strong winds can damage and remove shingles, rubber, tiles, metal, and other roofing materials. 

Big gusts of wind can seriously damage the roof’s structure if it has been allowed to fall into disrepair without regular maintenance. Missing or broken roofing materials ripped off by wind leave your roof exposed to the elements, which can lead to water damage and leaks. 

Trees Provide Shade For Homes, But Can Also Pose A Threat To Roofing

While the shade that trees provide can help keep our energy costs low, they can also potentially cause damage to our roofing. Every year roofs are damaged by falling limbs and branches that become projectiles in high winds. 

Trees limbs can crash into and through the roof of your home, creating extensive structural damage. Regular trimming of trees close to your house can help reduce the risk of damage, and keeping your roof free from debris and organic materials will lessen the possibility of rot. 

Water Damming Causes Problems For Your Roof

The buildup of natural debris can create issues for your home’s roof. When leaves, limbs, molds, and grime remain on roofing materials, the rot will eventually erode the structure. 

Debris that collects and blocks gutter systems can send water into areas of the roof that it should not go, creating the perfect environment for mold and moss growth and eventually leaks. Always make sure your roof is free from debris and anything else that can build an unwanted dam so that you don’t experience the adverse effects of water damage inside your home. 

Final Thoughts

Regular maintenance and upkeep of your roof will ensure that it remains safe and sound for years to come. Have a professional roofer inspect your roof annually and make any repairs needed to stave off the chances of it being compromised by the elements. 

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