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The Most Common Problems that May Affect Your Home’s Metal Roof


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Regardless of what some company’s claim, there’s no such thing as a “perfect” product. You may be in a situation where you are lucky and never experience any real issues with a product, or you could experience an array of issues. It really all depends.

Metal roofing isn’t an exception to this rule.

While there are certain factors that affect the issues that may occur with metal roofing, there are other things beyond your control. Getting to know the signs of common issues with your metal roof is best, because you will know when you need to call for professional help.

Oil Canning

According to information from MCA – the Metal Construction Association – metal canning is when there is visible waviness in the flat portions of a metal roof. Oil canning is an inherent characteristic of almost all metal roofs. This occurs when the metal is over-stressed and no longer capable of holding a flat form, which is what creates the visible waves.

There are several causes of oil canning, including:

  • Over production
  • Improper storage, handling, and usage
  • Frequent stress from coil slitting or roll forming panels
  • Chances to the original form of the structure
  • Not enough space for thermal expansion and contraction

If you notice any of these issues, it’s best to call the professionals for an evaluation.


No one wants to deal with a leaky roof. While you will have to pay more for the roof to be fixed, leaks can also ruin the items inside your home or building. A metal roof is a possibility and there are some instances that are completely out of your control, while others are caused by human error.

Some of the mot common uncontrollable triggering causes or events that may lead to a metal roof leak include:

  • Structural damage
  • Driving rain
  • Wind
  • Ice damming
  • Melting or heavy snow
  • Other weather occurrences

Sometimes, the leak could be due to installer error. Some examples of this include failed fasteners, seam, flashing, butyl tape or sealant, or the use of improper details. Always work with a quality contractor to install the roof to reduce the chances that your roof will leak.

Scratching and Scuffing

Just like anything that has a paint system applied, metal roofing may suffer scuffing or scratching at some point. Today, modern manufacturers take extra precautions to make sure the coil isn’t scratched, but issues may still arise.

It’s necessary for those installing the roofing material to be extremely careful when doing this to ensure that damage doesn’t occur, as well.

Call the Professionals for Help

When it comes to your metal roof, there’s no question it offers a lot of benefits. However, if you want to avoid issues, the best thing you can do is work with the professionals. By doing this, you can feel confident your roof will perform as expected and that no serious issues will occur. For more information about quality roofing services, make sure to contact us today.

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