January 5

The Importance of Annual Attic Inspections


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Discovering home repair issues early on allows you to reduce the damage they cause. The only way to stay one step ahead of home repair issues is by performing routine inspections. In some instances, these inspections will need to be performed by professionals to ensure they are conducted properly.

Over the past year, home repair/maintenance spending has increased by over 18 percent. If keeping your home damage-free and efficient is a priority, you need to inspect your attic routinely. Annual attic inspections are very important and here are some reasons why.

Keep Your Home Energy Efficient

One of the main reasons to conduct attic inspections is to assess the condition of your insulation. The older the insulation in your attic gets, the more drafts you will have to deal with. If the insulation in the attic isn’t doing its job, it is only a matter of time before monthly energy costs start to rise. Poorly insulated attics will allow a lot of air to escape.

When this happens, the HVAC unit in your home will have to work harder to maintain the right internal temperature. This can lead to the unit wearing out prematurely, which can be very expensive. If you want to replace the insulation in your attic, then let the team at Innovative Roofing help you out.

Prevent Pest Infestations

Most homeowners fail to realize just how appealing their attics are to rodents and other pests. In an attic, pests can avoid predators and stay warm. Wood-eating pests also love feasting on the joists that most attics have. Instead of allowing your attic to become a breeding ground for pests, you need to conduct annual inspections.

During these inspections, you can look for signs of a pest infestation. These signs usually include foul odors or structural damage. If you detect a pest infestation, calling in professionals to handle this problem is a wise move.

Check Out The Condition of Your Ducts

The ductwork that carries the cool or warm air produced by your HVAC system is housed in your attic. As time goes by, this ductwork can start to show signs of wear. As you inspect your attic, pay close attention to the condition of your ductwork. Making sure that the duct pipes are firmly connected to returns is important.

You also need to see how clean the inside of the ducts are. If you see lots of dust and debris in the ductwork, be sure to schedule a professional cleaning.

Focus On Moisture Control

Roofing leaks are something most homeowners are familiar with. Detecting these leaks early on is the only way to limit the damage they cause. If you inspect your roof annually, you can find leaks early on. Dark stains or moisture on your insulation is a surefire sign that a roof leak is present. As soon as you find this leak, you need to contact Innovative Roofing to fix it.

The time and effort you invest in annual attic inspections will be worth it.

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