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The Basics of a Successful Roof Hail Damage Insurance Claim


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It’s a homeowner’s nightmare: An immense hailstorm. and worse, facing huge repair expenses. Providentially, a roof hail damage insurance claim will spare you from all the hailstorm-brought financial burden.

Making a claim requires following some steps. Prior steps include reading the insurance terms and conditions once again.

Your trusted roofing contractor will manage most of the claims work. They will manage the insurance-maximizing information you’ll need. Adjusters will generally recommend their reliable contractors. Having a trustworthy contractor represent you is the best way to go about any insurance claim.

Call a Contractor For Inspections After a Storm

Hailstorms are alarming. The sharp-edged ice with different sizes travel at high velocity during hailstorms. In matter of seconds, they will cause grave deterioration to the roofing material upon landing.

Untreated hailstorm damage will cause leaks to appear. This most likely happens to properties constantly facing hailstorms. You can handle small repairs for minor damages. Any way, it is wiser to bring a contractor to provide detailed inspections after a storm.

Whether you have or have not any insurance to protect your home, have it repaired. The cost of repairs is worth little in comparison to the destruction your roof faces after the next storm. Anyhow, if you do have insurance, then continue reading to know when you should make a roof hail damage insurance claim.

When Do You Need Hail Damage Repairs?

It is wise to call for a professional roofer right after a strong hailstorm passes your home.

If you find these visible damage signs, make sure to call your Roofer for an immediate inspection. Their inspections allow them to help you make a successful roof hail damage insurance claim.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

If you see major shingle tabs missing or cracked, it imeans you’ll need immediate roof repairs. Also, inspect your shingle roof underlayment. This roofing material avoids leaks from the small spaces between your shingles. Certainly, this material is weaker than the shingle material. Hailstones will quickly penetrate them and cause leaks during rainstorms.

Internal Leaking

As said before, hailstone damage will create holes in your underlayment. The unrepaired underlayment will leak water into your inner ceiling during a rainstorm. Once you find your internal ceiling having a yellowish or offish color in certain spots along your home, quickly call your roofing contractor.

Bruised Roofing Material

Bruises on your roof will have a softness when touched. Minor patches are quick fixes you can do for small damages. Adversly, this is less likely because hailstorms bring torrents of hailstones onto your roof.

The Roof Hail Damage Insurance Claim Process

Hailstorm damages often lead to cases where homeowners need to replace the whole roof. Luckily, some insurance providers cover the full roof replacement. They only do so if the property owner can prove hailstorm damage caused the grave roofing damage.

Property owners often cite visible damages on their roof hail damage insurance claim. However, to maximize the policy, owners must additionally point out hidden damages. These include underlayment repairs and possible full-roofing replacement.

Here is the full process of making a roof hail damage insurance claim.

1.Conduct a Thorough Roofing Inspection

2.Allow Your Contractor to Represent You

3.Final Dates of Repairs and Replacements


It is a simple but long process to file a roof hail damage insurance claim. Remember to use only a trusted contractor when conducting inspections. Insurers will aim to minimize repair costs. Therefore, your trusted roofing company make sure they remain objective. With accurate inspection data, you can maximize your roof insurance benefits.

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