June 13

Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof


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People replace things frequently. Old clothes are replaced when they’re too big or small. Cell phones and cars are replaced for a newer model. But what about your roof? A roof is an important part of a home because it protects you from the weather elements and animals. If you’re a handyman and not afraid of heights, replace the roof yourself to save money. But it can be time-consuming to replace a roof and handle other obligations. A specialist in residential roofing Omaha, NE can take the task off your to-do list so you can focus on other responsibilities. Here are signs it’s time for a roof replacement:

  1. Homes built around the same time age and deteriorate. In comparison with other homes in your neighborhood, your roof looks bad. If roof replacement hasn’t happened in the last two decades, then it’s time for a roof replacement.
  2. Shingles add a protective layer to your roof and improve the homes overall appearance. If they are wet, cracked, or curled, then have the shingles replaced.
  3. Moss and algae are more of a cosmetic issue and don’t affect the roof, but it makes the roof look horrible. You may opt to rid of the fungi by spraying a 50:50 mixture of chlorine bleach and water. Please don’t pressure wash the roof since the force will damage your shingles. If you can’t get on the roof, then hire a professional to do it.
  4. Windstorms and snowstorms can cause damage to the shingles if the problem isn’t addressed right away. Strong storms sometimes weaken the roofs’ structure, and it’s imperative to seek help as soon as possible after the storm passes.
  5. A leaky roof can cause deterioration, and the result is bubbling paint, staining, or peeling along the roofline. The deterioration can seep into your interior walls.
  6. A poorly insulated roof will cause your utility bill to increase. Your air conditioner or heater must work harder to keep a temperature in the home.
  7. The shingles and roof deck need replacement if the beams are sagging or show evidence of moisture damage.
  8. When shingles to deteriorate, they break off into tiny pieces that resembles dark sand called granules. Eventually, you’ll see granules in your yard or gutter.
  9. You may have water leaking in the attic after a rainstorm or after snow melts. Water leaking can also cause deterioration and fungi to grow. If you notice leaking water, or a leaking light, it may be time for a roof replacement.

There are signs of a roof replacement. Aside from checking your roof after a windstorm or rainstorm, your roof can breed fungi which will cause cosmetic damage to shingles. Water leaks, high utility bill, and damaged shingles are a few signs it’s time for a roof replacement. This service can be expensive, so it’s important to pick someone who’s an expert at residential roofing in Omaha, NE. The longer you wait to have it done, the more expensive the repair will be.

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