August 31

Roofing Done Right


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As a top roofing company, we have an excellent track record in the local community helping people to maintain their homes for the long run. This is easier said than done in many cases, and property owners need help from professional firms who can do the job right! There’s a real need for roofers in today’s economy, for a number of reasons. We are proud to be part of the cream of the crop when it comes to professional firms that can help out. 






Specialization and Expertise





The unfortunate reality is that most property owners don’t know how to work on a roof, and can’t really assemble the resources and tools to do the job well. There’s a considerable investment in tools, and in ways to access different types of roofing structures, as any professional will tell you. 





First of all, not everyone is comfortable with ladder and scaffolding safety, and the roof can be a dangerous place to be without the right skills and training. 





There’s also the issue of getting materials where they need to be in order to be installed on a rooftop.





We can help, with crews that are knowledgeable and experienced with this kind of work, and professional and courteous as well.





Licensed, Bonded and Insured





We’ve also invested in those key protections for ourselves and our customers, in putting together a business that works by the book and according to best standards and practices.





That starts with being licensed in the roofing field. We are also bonded for project completion and success. The third component of this is insurance – without the proper insurance, the business leaves itself open to liability and customers may end up suffering as well financially. So make sure that any shop that you use is all three: licensed, bonded and insured. 





Extreme Care





Basically speaking, we take the same dedicated and detailed approach to every roofing job. That means when it’s time for extras like tarping a roof against a storm or expediting a project schedule, we have the resources to get it done. There’s also no arbitrary subcontracting to fly-by-night companies that might end up taking you for the proverbial ride. This gives our customers peace of mind in everything that we do! Ask for a free estimate from Innovative Roofing in order to get the help that you need with a roofing project, to make sure that your property is one of those that stands the tests of time well, and stands up to pressure in its local climate. 







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