June 13

Meet Our Staff – and Take a Look at Our Work


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When you’re calling a roofing firm to come in and do significant work on your house, you want to know who’s responding to your call.

That’s part of what the Internet is good for – it helps to make those introductions before you ever answer the doorbell. But some firms don’t really use this tremendous opportunity to learn to let their clients learn more about them prior to meeting up in person! Instead, those who have called a company are left wondering about who is going to show up at the door.

At Innovative Contractors, you can easily click into our site and learn about who we are – you can see pictures of our staff (and even their pets!) to understand how we work as a small local company.

Some of the larger roofing companies are faceless corporate behemoths. You never know who you’re dealing with – you might call on one day and get somebody’s first name, and then call another day and get somebody else. You might even get a different person with the same first name, which can invite all kinds of chaos. Later, when the job is getting done, your technician or team may not know the person who you talked to before.

At Innovative Contractors, we provide a chain of communications that helps our customers to trust our process and what we’re doing, and to know that they’re getting the good deal and fair work done at the end of the day. The whole “left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing” is not great for doing any kind of business: customers fear the bait and switch, and generally, it sows distrust that’s hard to dispel later.

With that in mind, as you check us out online, you can also check out our gallery to see some of the finished results we are most proud of. When we work on a nice family house or other property, we put in work that supports that aesthetic scenery that we’re working in – and the results are evident, from gable to ground! Take your time and you’ll see why we are one of the most popular roofing companies in the area. In addition, we work with insurance and offer long-term care plans for dedicated customers who want to make sure their house is in top condition every year. You can find out about these items on the web as well. We actually use the Internet as a way to inform our customers, and it helps us to work smarter, not harder as we go along building relationships. Become one of our customers at Innovative Contractors and benefit from transparency in home improvement.

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