June 13

Looking To Sell Your House? Ensure That The Roof Is Well Maintained!


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Selling a home can get a bit overwhelming. Strangers come into your house, criticize the place and may offer a less price than what your home is worth if they find any maintenance issues. Most of the homeowners who want to sell a house spend their time and money on making their home look good but often forget about the roof. However, the condition of your roof is one of those eye-catching features of your house that you can’t really twist the truth on. This is where a good roofing contractor like Innovative Roofing can help!

Why A Well-Maintained Roof Is Necessary?

The roof of the house is the number one defense against all weather conditions. It keeps your family safe and protected from climatic uncertainties. The roof is exposed to weather hazards and other elements that contribute to its damage and deterioration. For this reason, it is worth considering moving your roof up the priority list.

When you are looking to sell house fast, you think through each and every aspect. Is that repair or maintenance necessary? Do buyers really care about the moss? Will replacing those shingles determine my house sale? Do I really need to repair my 10-year old roof or can I sell it as it is?

Roof maintenance is crucial to avoid any major damages. However, what we need to understand is how often does your roof need repair and maintenance? This depends on factors such as; the age of the roof and the local weather conditions.

A major roof repair which might costs thousands of dollars can easily become a negotiating point in a house sale. Experienced sellers know that if they don’t fix their home roof, then buyers will offer a less price. So, before listing your house for sale, make sure that you get the roof inspected by a good roofing contractor to identify if any repair or replace work is needed.

Most of the roof damages gets more worse with time pass. For example, if you have lost a shingle, it can cause leaks over time and can cause considerable damage to your property. The water can infiltrate the attic, damage insulation, structural steel, wood framing, and cause mold growth. The combined impact can be disastrous.

Maintenance Increases The Roof Lifespan

Regular roof maintenance can lengthen the Roof life. In fact, it can minimize unexpected or future costs. Even if your roof is kind of new and didn’t have any issues, it’s always better to get it inspected by a good roofing contractor.

The Bottomline

A well-maintained roof greatly affects the property value and curb appeal of your home. Knowing that your roof is in good shape gives you peace of mind and you don’t have to worry about a leak after every major climatic disturbance.

So, if you have been getting regular inspections done then you won’t need much maintenance at the time of sale which will assure that you not only sell a house faster but even allow you to raise your asking price.

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