June 13

Looking From the Air: Quality and Roofing Value


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Fly over your neighborhood – what do you see?


Chances are you’ve never done this, which makes sense, since not many of us are backyard pilots. However, these days we have capable small drones that you can buy at RadioShack or whatever retailer succeeded that dying chain. That makes it easy for you to get a camera up in the air and look at what your neighborhood looks like from above!


What you see will, in part, depend on the roofing companies that are active in your area. Do you see high-quality asphalt, terra-cotta, slate or sheet metal roofing with integrity and consistency? Or do you see parts of roof systems that are in poor shape, shabby or even failing, that are hidden up there where nobody really sees regularly?


Do you see crews actively working in your neighborhood?


Roofing is something that requires some significant investment. It requires maintenance over time. It’s not something you can just let deteriorate until you sell the property. Property owners ignore roofing at their peril. Problems start small, then develop into catastrophes.


When you look from the air, you see the quality of work that roofing crews put into properties in your local area.


You’ll see whether they’re working efficiently – and whether they’re taking the proper precautions, for example, tarps on roofs for poor weather. You also see the results of their jobs, long-term.


In fact, this is one of the better ways to understand the real value of roofing – to look at an entire neighborhood from the air, and figure out what it looks like. Individual jobs can be bid and rebid and pored over, but when you look at the big picture, you see more about how a roofing company works. You see its methodical nature (or, unfortunately, lack of a methodical approach) and you see how that impacts actual homes and buildings.


At Innovative Roofing, we offer quality roofing. You can see our results through our online gallery. You can get an idea of how we work with stakeholders including property owners and insurance companies to get you only the best results when it’s time to repair or recondition a roof or roof area. From flashing to shingles to rubber to slate, we excel in helping property owners to do damage prevention, to think ahead, and to protect roof systems, anticipating demand and seasonal cycles.


Your roof is not something to skimp on – it holds everything together, in more ways than one. Get help from a top firm in Omaha, NE.

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