June 13

Increase Curb Appeal and The Value of Your Home with a New Roof


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If you’re even remotely thinking about selling your home, then you’ve been watching the real estate market. Omaha, Nebraska has steadily moved into what resembles a residential seller’s market. However, buyers are picky with their real estate choices. As home prices rise, many buyers are withdrawing their offers.

How can you make your home stand out among buyers? If you live in a hot real estate market, investing in a new roof is a great way to maximize gain. Nationwide, homeowners tend to recoup a large portion of the cost of a new roof. In an area where bidding wars are raising the roof on sales prices to unexpected heights, new shingles may be just the thing to make a house ready for a lightning-fast sale.

No doubt, a beautiful home can help to motivate even the most reluctant buyer, because it’s the first impression in deciding the value for money. Here are the basics to increase curb appeal and sell your home faster with a new roof.

The Shape

The first thing buyers recognize about a roof is the shape. In fact, some people prefer homes with certain roof shapes over others. For example, some owners prefer flat roofs that can hold a terrace, while others prefer steep A-shaped roofs that can fit an attic with standing space. You can’t create a roof that suits all preferences, but you can make sure yours is a high-quality option of its type.

The Color

Summer sun, winter snow, fall leaves, and spring blossoms are just some of the things that may disguise a roof’s color. However, this does not mean that the color of your roof doesn’t matter. When choosing the color for your roof, consider the overall exterior of your home. Make sure the color of your roof complements the color of your siding, trim, shutters, etc.

The Material

First-time home buyers often don’t have a preference for roof types beyond aesthetics. If they have lived in an apartment for years, then this is all the more likely. Seasoned home buyers may know exactly what kind of roof they want based on prior experience with roof maintenance. Consider this when choosing a roof.

The Condition

If interested homebuyers remember nothing else about a house, they remember the state it was in. Was it clean or dirty? Did it look homey and sophisticated or old and broken? The roof plays a vital role in this. If there are missing shingles or the colors don’t line up, it may give the wrong impression and take away from the curb appeal. If you plan to sell your home and your roof has not been replaced in some time, contact Innovative Contractors. We can give you the competitive advantage your home needs to sell quickly and for top dollar. Just take a look at our gallery for visual proof!

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