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How to Identify Roof Hail Damage This 2019


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How do you identify if your roof has hail damage? Let’s find out in today’s blog post.

Hail damage roof can be costly to fix. It’s not just a stress from a homeowner’s part but could also bring safety concerns. That is why, we will give you tips on how to spot roof hail damage the correct way.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about hail damage roof:

What Makes Your Roofing vulnerable to Hail Damage?

We all know that hailstorms are a natural event. And there’s no way to avoid them from coming. However, there are aspects that make your roof more susceptible to hail damage.

Old Roof Age

Your roof’s age can be a big factor when it comes to hail damages.

An aging roof can receive more hail damages than a newer one. Remember, you always have to check on its condition on a regular basis. If not, it can be dangerous for you and your family. Besides, emergency roof replacements are more expensive than scheduled maintenance programs.

Types of Roofing Materials

Roofing materials are built to withstand extreme weather including hailstorms. However, there are roofing systems that resist less to wind and hail impact as compared to other options.

Some roofing systems react different to hail impact. For example, wood shingles can crack faster, Clay tiles may break apart and asphalt shingles can experience dents depending on the hail intensity.

In the end, it’s all about caring for your roof regardless of the roofing system. If you know how to keep them in a good condition, they have the potential to react better even during hailstorms.

Location of Your House

Living in areas surrounded by tall trees have a line of defense against hail, compared to properties that are entirely exposed. The trees and their branches can block off some hail pieces that will try to pierce through your property.

What Determines the Roof Hail Damage?

Hail damage can vary from minor to major depending on the wind speed direction and hail size. It can determine if your roofing will get a severe beating or not so much. The stronger the wind impact, the more damage it can create to your roof.

As for the hail size, it can be as small as a pea and as big as a golf ball. But, even the smaller ones can puncture or create dents on your roofing. The bigger ones can cut through parts of your houses depending on the wind speed.

How to Confirm If You Have Hail Damage Roof?

Below are some of the things you need to watch out for if you’re looking for possible hail damages:

– Scratches on the HVAC

– Hail pieces on gutters and downspouts

– Dents and marks on siding and windows

– Broken, missing, or displaced roof shingles

– Deep cuts and punctures on the roof surface

– Damp or soft spots on the roof

What To Do If You Found Hail Damage Roof Signs?

Here are some tips to handle hail damage roof correctly. Wrong moves can worsen the situation and create more damages to your property. Hence, always follow a professional’s advice.

1. Visually inspect your property from the ground level. From there, try to spot which areas have been badly hit by the hail storm.

2. If you can, take photos of the damages that you found. These can be useful when filing for roof hail damage insurance.

3. Seek professional assistance immediately even if you’re not yet sure if it’s hail damage or not.

4. Be mindful of scammers. There are groups of people who pretend to be roofing experts.

5. Find a trusted roofing company that operates locally. This is an advantage as they will be able to visit your place immediately.

If you don’t take action to solve your hail damage roof, it can put you and your family at risk for accidents and health concerns.

If you’ve just experienced a hailstorm and you suspect hail damage roof, call your local roofing partner right away.

Want to fix your hail damage roof? Not sure whether you have a hail damage roof or not?

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