June 13

How Long Will My Roof Last?


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It’s a question we hear a lot and one that you’re likely to ask at some point, too. 

But there are quite a few different answers that you might get when you ask how long your roof is going to last.

The simplest and most basic direct answer is what you get when you simply Google the question. You get a big number 25, signifying that 25 years is the (very general!) average lifespan for a roof.

But any experienced roofer will tell you there’s more to it than that – you just have to look!

Roof Life Span and Deterioration

The reality is that a roof just doesn’t ‘go bad’ at some point. You don’t just look at your calendar for the day that your roof is going to be suddenly obsolete or unserviceable.

That’s why we often talk to people about fixing small problems early. You want to get on top of any loss of shingles or misplacement of underlying materials, or anything that’s going to compromise the solidness of your roofing envelope in an alarming way.

Also, part of the question of how long your roof is going to last involves what level of integrity you’re okay with. If, as a property owner, you’re going to trap certain small bits of moisture in buckets on an upper floor for a year or two or three, that’s your business. However, many of our customers want to be proactive in maintaining their roofing areas to make sure that nothing like that ever happens.


A roof can also come to the end of its life span on paper, before it ever starts to lose its solvency in practice.

A roof might last 100 years, but an insurance company might consider it pretty far gone and refuse to cover it anymore. Then you have a negotiating problem that can be pretty thorny to resolve. 

When you run into situations like this, it’s more a matter of paperwork calculations than actually seeing what’s happening with the roof.

The property owner has to decide if they want to take on the risk or not.

What you can get from us is excellent consultation on how to preserve your roofing and maintain results for the future. You may not know exactly how long the roof will last, but you’ll probably have a better idea of how you’re going to maintain it for the future. Learning more about your roof makes a difference!


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