June 13

Get Your Gutters Ready for Fall and Winter with These Helpful Tips


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By now, most Nebraska residents are ready to put the hot temperatures of summer to bed. Pretty soon, the cool air of fall and winter will start to move into the Cornhusker State. Dealing with the moisture caused by snowfall is only possible with a functional gutter system. If you fail to focus on keeping your gutter system functional, it is only a matter of time before structural and water damage issues start to surface. 

Instead of waiting until your gutter system collapses or malfunctions to take action, you need to take a preventative approach to keep this part of your residence in good shape. If you want to get your gutter system ready for the fall and winter months, consider the helpful tips below. 

Your Gutters Need to Be Debris-Free

A gutter system is designed to protect a home’s roof. In order to adequately do this job, the gutters attached to your home have to be properly maintained. The first thing you need to focus on when preparing your gutters for colder weather is removing any debris present. Performing a thorough inspection of your gutters will allow you to uncover issues with debris buildup. 

If there are lots of sticks and leaves in your home’s gutter system, then calling in professionals to provide a thorough cleaning is a wise move. These professionals will have the tools and the knowledge needed to perform this essential maintenance procedure quickly and correctly. 

Check Your Gutter End Caps

If the ends of your gutters are not sealed properly, water will spill out all over the place. The best way to prevent this problem from happening is by installing gutter end caps. Most of these end caps are equipped with seals that will wear out over time. Inspecting your end caps is crucial when trying to discover leaks early on. If you do detect some leakage around this area, you need to act immediately. 

One of the best ways to stop these leaks is by using a waterproof caulk or gutter seam sealant. Before you apply these sealants to this area, be sure to clean the surface properly. Doing this will help to ensure the sealants adhere properly to the surface. 

Gutter Guards Are a Good Investment

If you want to protect your gutters from falling debris, installing quality gutter guards is a good investment. With these guards, you can keep leaves and other debris out of your gutters. These guards are also a great way to avoid damage from frozen gutters. 

Copper gutter guards provide you with the protection and durability you need. Instead of installing these guards on your own, it is best to leave this job to professionals. With their help, you can get your new gutter guards in place in no time. 

If you are currently dealing with gutter issues, it is time to get them fixed. Innovative Roofing can help you address these issues before extensive damage is done. 

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