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Damage That Can Occur If You Have Missing Roof Shingles


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When you think about it, the average residential roof is exposed to a number of hazards. Straight line winds, hail and constant exposure to the sun can do a number on an asphalt shingle roof. Your roof is covered in thousands of asphalt shingles. As time goes by, some of these shingles will get damaged and will fall completely off of your roof.

Homeowners in the United spend millions of dollars every year on roofing repairs. Missing shingles are one of the most common residential roofing repair issues that homeowners encounter. As soon as you notice missing shingles, you need to take action. If you wait to get this problem fixed, then you might have to deal with the issues mentioned below.

Higher Chance of Roof Leaks

For the most part, the shingles on your roof act as a barrier between the inside of your residence and the elements. When working properly, asphalt shingles will keep water from penetrating the inside of your home. However, when shingles get blown off of your roof, they will leave behind a bare and vulnerable spot. While there is a waterproof membrane located under your shingles, it will not be able to keep all of the water that falls on this part of your home at bay.

The more shingles you have missing from your roof, the harder it will be to avoid water leaks. When water leaks into your home’s attic, it can do lots of damage. This is why you need to realize just how important it is to replace missing shingles quickly.

The Risk of Pest Infestations

Not only can missing shingles allow a lot of excess moisture to enter your home, they can also create a pathway for pests. Most pests are on a constant search for access points into a home. If shingles are missing from your roof, water will puddle in these spots and weaken the overall structure of your roof.

This weakened spot on your roof can be used by pests to gain entrance to your attic. Once pests have gained access to the inside of your home, it will be very difficult to remove them. Instead of dealing with the cost and aggravation of a pest infestation, you need to reach out to professionals to replace your missing shingles. At Innovative Roofing, we aim to provide roofing repair and installation services you can count on.

Missing Shingles Can Cause Higher Energy Bills

Another issue you will have to contend with if your roof is missing shingles is higher energy bills. Without shingles in place, your roof will allow the air heated or cooled by your HVAC unit to escape. This will lead to this system having to work even harder to keep the inside of your home at a comfortable temperature. The harder your HVAC unit works, the higher your energy bills will ultimately become.

Are multiple shingles missing from your roof? If so, it is time to seek out the help of Innovative Roofing.

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