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Common Problems Caused By Dirty Gutters


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Standing water can do a lot of damage to your home. One of the best ways to remove the water that falls on your roof is by installing a gutter system. These systems are designed to take rainwater and filter it away from a home’s roof and foundation. 

Every year, consumers around the world spend nearly $7 billion on new gutter systems. Whether your gutter system is new or a few years old, properly maintaining it is crucial. Failing to have your gutters cleaned by professionals can cause lots of damage. Here are some of the most common problems that dirty gutters can cause. 

Damage To Your Home’s Foundation

The main thing you need to build a sturdy home is a well-designed foundation. Residential foundations are constructed from rebar and concrete. However, there is a layer of dirt under these foundations that needs to be kept dry to avoid problems. If your dirty gutters are overflowing, the water that comes out of them will settle around your foundation. The longer this water is allowed to remain around your foundation, the more problems you will encounter. 

This water will usually make its way into the dirt, clay or sand under your home’s foundation. Generally, this increased moisture will cause shifting in the dirt under the foundation. This can result in foundation cracks and buckling. Overflowing water from your gutters can also damage the piers in your home’s crawl space. The best way to avoid damage to your foundation is by hiring professionals to clean your gutters a few times a year. 

Dirty Gutters Can Destroy Your Soffits and Fascia

The rafters built to support the weight of your residential roof are covered with materials called soffits and fascia. The main purpose of these materials is to add protection to these rafters and to provide the outside of a home with more curb appeal. Clogged gutters get extremely heavy when they are filled with water. This weight can damage your soffits and fascia. 

The cracks in the soffits and fascia can allow the water from your gutters into the wood of your rafters. This might lead to issues involving rot and mold. Rather than dealing with these repair issues, you need to realize the importance of having your gutters cleaned by professionals. 

Keep Your Roof In Good Shape

Without a functional roof, the inside of your home will be inundated with water and moisture. Shingles that come in contact with the water in your clogged gutters will deteriorate at a rapid pace. The roof deck on your home will also get damaged if these shingles remain wet. 

This means that roof leaks and other problems will start to develop as time goes by. As soon as you notice debris in your gutters, you need to have it removed by professionals. With their assistance, you can rest assured that your gutters drain properly. 

Now that you know about the importance of routine gutter cleaning, it is time to reach out to professionals for assistance.

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