Most of us know the asphalt shingles, they are the most common residential roofing material in the United States. However, it’s worth taking a look at the various types of roofing materials available for your homes if you are replacing your current roof or planning a new construction.

In order to help you select the best type of roofing material for your home, you may ask the following questions:

1. What’s the lifespan of each kind of roofing material?

2. How does it hold up in natural disasters?

3. Is this roofing system ecofriendly?

4. Will it complement the style of the home?

5. How much does it cost?

6. What type of maintenance, is necessary?

In addition to asphalt, popular roofing materials include tiles; slate; synthetic roofing products; metal and wood.

Let’s look closer at the last two, wood and metal roofing.

Wood Roofing

If you’re going for a more natural look for your home, one that blends into the environment, then a wood roof may be the answer. Most wood roofs are made from red cedar because of the ability to resist decay, straight grain, stability and impenetrability to fluids. When installed the right way, wood roofs can have a lifespan of 15 – 40 years, however the roof may need some maintenance to remove mold, fungi and moss.

Wood roofs can be excellent in areas that have high wind or hail. Although, they are susceptible to fire and need to be treated with a fire retardant. In areas with lots of moisture or rain, you may have to periodically clean and maintain your wood roof. Wood is heavier than some of the other roofing choice and is one of the more expensive alternatives. However, if you’re captivated on an authentic look and don’t mind the additional expenses, a wood roof may be right for your home.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are made from steel, aluminum, copper and zinc alloys. They can be among the very expensive roof materials. Nontheless, metal roofs require little maintenance, stand up to high winds, are fire resistant, and adequate in blizzards as well as heat. This type of roofing system is eco friendly, made with recycled materials that can also be recycled if it is replaced.

Some customers are doubtful at the thought of a metal roof, concerned that their house will look like it has a tin lid. But metal roofs have changed over time, and many are designed to look like shingle, clay, tile, cedar shake or slate. Also, metal roofs come in a number of colors, giving homeowners even more options to modify the look of their house. If you want a “fix it and forget it” roofing option, a metal roof may be the right choice for you.

Considering to determine the best roofing material for your house? Ask your local contractor, we can answer any questions you have to help you make the right choice.

It’s a homeowner’s nightmare: An immense hailstorm. and worse, facing huge repair expenses. Providentially, a roof hail damage insurance claim will spare you from all the hailstorm-brought financial burden.

Making a claim requires following some steps. Prior steps include reading the insurance terms and conditions once again.

Your trusted roofing contractor will manage most of the claims work. They will manage the insurance-maximizing information you’ll need. Adjusters will generally recommend their reliable contractors. Having a trustworthy contractor represent you is the best way to go about any insurance claim.

Call a Contractor For Inspections After a Storm

Hailstorms are alarming. The sharp-edged ice with different sizes travel at high velocity during hailstorms. In matter of seconds, they will cause grave deterioration to the roofing material upon landing.

Untreated hailstorm damage will cause leaks to appear. This most likely happens to properties constantly facing hailstorms. You can handle small repairs for minor damages. Any way, it is wiser to bring a contractor to provide detailed inspections after a storm.

Whether you have or have not any insurance to protect your home, have it repaired. The cost of repairs is worth little in comparison to the destruction your roof faces after the next storm. Anyhow, if you do have insurance, then continue reading to know when you should make a roof hail damage insurance claim.

When Do You Need Hail Damage Repairs?

It is wise to call for a professional roofer right after a strong hailstorm passes your home.

If you find these visible damage signs, make sure to call your Roofer for an immediate inspection. Their inspections allow them to help you make a successful roof hail damage insurance claim.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

If you see major shingle tabs missing or cracked, it imeans you’ll need immediate roof repairs. Also, inspect your shingle roof underlayment. This roofing material avoids leaks from the small spaces between your shingles. Certainly, this material is weaker than the shingle material. Hailstones will quickly penetrate them and cause leaks during rainstorms.

Internal Leaking

As said before, hailstone damage will create holes in your underlayment. The unrepaired underlayment will leak water into your inner ceiling during a rainstorm. Once you find your internal ceiling having a yellowish or offish color in certain spots along your home, quickly call your roofing contractor.

Bruised Roofing Material

Bruises on your roof will have a softness when touched. Minor patches are quick fixes you can do for small damages. Adversly, this is less likely because hailstorms bring torrents of hailstones onto your roof.

The Roof Hail Damage Insurance Claim Process

Hailstorm damages often lead to cases where homeowners need to replace the whole roof. Luckily, some insurance providers cover the full roof replacement. They only do so if the property owner can prove hailstorm damage caused the grave roofing damage.

Property owners often cite visible damages on their roof hail damage insurance claim. However, to maximize the policy, owners must additionally point out hidden damages. These include underlayment repairs and possible full-roofing replacement.

Here is the full process of making a roof hail damage insurance claim.

1.Conduct a Thorough Roofing Inspection

2.Allow Your Contractor to Represent You

3.Final Dates of Repairs and Replacements


It is a simple but long process to file a roof hail damage insurance claim. Remember to use only a trusted contractor when conducting inspections. Insurers will aim to minimize repair costs. Therefore, your trusted roofing company make sure they remain objective. With accurate inspection data, you can maximize your roof insurance benefits.

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You won’t be taken off guard to learn that many of the roofing jobs, gutter repairs, and siding installations we complete are paid for by insurance companies. After all, hail damage and high winds can cause serious damage to roofs, and it only makes sense that homeowners want to make what is one of the few claims they ever make on their homeowners insurance.

One of the best parts about getting roof installation that is paid for by your insurance company: you don’t have to deal with them often! A roofing company will often manage most of the paperwork, and you may only have to have one or two calls with your insurance company. Of course, it’s important for a roofing contractor to have a good relation and a lot of experience with insurance companies to make sure the process goes as swiftly as possible. Let’s take a look at what a roofer needs when negotiating with insurance companies.


Cordiality will go a long way in the business world. We’re not just friendly with our clients but also with the insurance company. It can go a long way to making the entire process go swiftly and efficiently.


You won’t be surprised to know that an insurance company will do what they can to pay as little as possible for a roofing job. They’re in the business to maximize profits, and they won’t do that by blindly overpaying for a roof.

A roofing company should be prompt to stand up for you so that you get a roof that is at least as good as the previous one.


It’s unlikely we’ll be dealing with your hometown insurance agent. The roofing company will be dealing with the national home office and their adjustors. The problem is that many of these adjustors will not know local codes when it comes to roofing, and sometimes we need to let them know that a line item they tried to deny might actually be a legal requirement in your city or town. That’s when a roofer needs to inform and fight if necessary.


We want to get to work! The sooner we get to work, the sooner we get paid and can get along to helping the next person with a leaky roof. Regrettably, insurance companies can drag their feet, so it’s important for a roofing company to be persistent.

There you have them, four attributes that you’ll want to find in a roofing contractor. They’re also the four attributes that you’ll find at Innovative Roofing, and we can help you handle insurance problems. Contact us today to get the process started!

If your building has a flat roof, or nearly flat, then you’ve likely already realized that there are a lot of specialty roofing options out there to help you keep your building in good repair. The most commonly used materials are EPDM roofing, also known as rubber roofing, and TPO roofing. In fact, both of these fall into the category of rubber roofing, but they have a few differences that property owners need to know.

Cost Comparison: EPDM Roofing takes the lead

When it comes to comparing the cost, something that property owners are keeping at the top of their priorities, EPDM roofing is the most economic choice. It tends to be more inexpensive in both materials and labor costs for single ply roofing membranes. It does make long-term sense to invest in a pricier EPDM coverage that is thicker, but even that will be less expensive than TPO of the same or similar thickness.

Durability Comparison: EPDM Roofing is the best choice

In terms of durability, we have more information on EPDM roofing than we do on TPO. TPO is still relatively new compared to EPDM, so we have yet to see how long-lasting this product is. But EPDM roofing can last for multiple decades, and can withstand all the common environmental factors that cause roofing materials to become brittle and crack over time. It’s been shown that TPO does not withstand pooling water the way that EPDM roofing can, and also that TPO does not perform as well in cold climates the way EPDM does.

Maintenance Comparison: Inconclusive

When it comes to maintenance, both EPDM and TPO have pros and cons. EPDM is easier to maintain, with almost nothing needed, just keeping up any acrylic paint that is used to make the roofing material more attractive. However, if it does need repairs, they are easy to do. TPO, is hard to repair, and may have to be replaced altogether. TPO seams tend to be much stronger than EPDM seams because of the way they are adhered to the roof. While EPDM is usually placed in a single sheet without seams, if there are seams, they may not be as strong.

Installation Comparison: EPDM Roofing Wins

EPDM roofing can be installed quickly, and requires no special equipment or chemicals. It just takes an experienced roofer like Innovative Roofing, to ensure that the material is laid out flat and adhered properly. TPO requires a welding process to be installed, and can take quite longer.

The Final Verdict

Both EPDM and TPO offer great energy saving benefits, and TPO may offer more savings due to its solar heat reflective capabilities. But overall, EPDM roofing offers more advantages for the business owner or homeowner who wants a quality rubber roof coating that is fast and inexpensive. While TPO can still be a good choice, EPDM is easier to maintain and install, and is more durable.

The roof of your home was designed to last a lifetime. Throughout the ownership of the house, eventually, the roof will be susceptible to damage. The type of damages includes wind damage, hail damage, and a leaky roof. Once your roof is damaged, you have to decide whether you will repair the damaged area(s), do a partial roof replacement, or replace the entire roof. Some factors will determine which route you want to do.

The most significant factor in determining what to do to your roof is cost. Most people are strapped for cash and can’t afford to do any repairs to their roof, while others don’t mind paying the quoted amount to repair something that’s supposed to last a lifetime.

The next factor is the extent of the damage. If a few shingles need replacement, that’s an easy fix; slip the new shingles in place. However, unless the shingles currently on your roof are new, it may be a problem to patch it up using the same color. You will end up with mismatched shingles. If you plan to sell your home, mismatched shingles will be unattractive to potential buyers. If part of the roof is damaged, you need to decide if it’s worth replacing only part of the roof. While doing a partial replacement may seem like the solution, you have to consider how many layers are currently on your roof. If you have two layers, the decision is already made for you. Depending on the type of roof you have, one side of the roof will be higher than the new roof.

Along with the extent of the damage, you also have to think about the roofs’ appearance. Mismatched shingles and a lop-sided roof are a few things that look unattractive. If you decide to do a partial replacement, a contractor can try to blend it with the current roof.

The extent of the roof damage will also determine if you will repair or replace it. A roof that has experienced severe wind or hail damage will require an entire replacement. A leaky roof in one area could be an easy fix, while if the whole roof is leaking, then yes replace it.

When you’ve decided to replace your roof, now you have to determine if you’re going to remove the roof or install the new one over the old roof. As was previously mentioned, the decision will come down to cost. You can save money now and risk greater expenses later or spend the extra cash now and prevent future damages. Eventually, the decision to repair or replace your roof is up to you. It’s contingent on a few factors such as cost, the extent of the damage, and the appearance of your roof if you do a partial replacement. Whatever you decide, call Innovative Contractors. We will give you an estimate of your request and advise you on the best options based on your roofing needs.

The Unique Benefits of Hiring Local Roofing Companies

One of the first things you have to do when replacing your roof is finding the roofer that fits your needs. Hiring local roofing companies offer benefits others just don’t have. Here are some of these benefits:

Local Roofing Companies Are Easy to Reach

One of the benefits local roofing companies offer is geographical advantage, which makes it convenient. Locals are less likely to be late, whether for the initial in-home consultations or on the installation day . In case you need to check their references and want to personally see their handiwork, chances are they may have worked for someone within a 10-minute drive.

This nearness can also be an advantage in case a storm hits your area. Local roofers have faster response times, which can be critical if your insurance provider needs timely assessment of the damage. It also helps speed up the payout process, especially if the contractor has had experience working with roofing insurance claims.

Local Roofing Companies Know Local Regulations

On top of the international building codes, there are local codes that must be adhered to by local contractors. Out-of-town roofing companies may not be as familiar with such codes; locals like Innovative Roofing know all applicable building codes and regulations front-to-back and have all the proper licenses and insurance. You can be sure that your roof is in smart hands.

Local Roofing Companies Are Part of the Local Community

Beyond our remarkable roof installation services, certifications and awards from trustworthy organizations like Angie’s List, Three Best Rated; we at Innovative Roofing are community members. We are proud participants of the local help activities every chance we get.

To learn more about the benefits of hiring locals like ourselves, call Innovative Roofing today at (402) 512-4200, or fill out our contact form. We serve Serving Omaha, NE; Licoln, NE; Council Bluffs, IA


Consumers often have been misinformed about filing an insurance claim to replace or repair their damaged roof.

Here are some facts and myths about the insurance claim process:

Myth: If I find a roofer who does the work cheaper than my insurance company estimated, then I can pocket the difference and make some money.

Fact: According to Insurance laws, this is considered insurance fraud. insurance companies require the roofing contractor to provide afinal invoice to them. Getting the work done cheaper than the insurance estimate actually saves the insurance company money and does nothing for you. If the price of the roof replacement is lower than the insurance company estimate, your insurance company will in turn, adjust your final depreciation check accordingly, making the final depreciation check less by that amount.

Myth: My insurance company says I have to get three estimates and go with the lowest estimate.

Fact: You are not required to get three estimates. Plus you candetermine which company you want to have perform the work for you. Even though the insurance is paying, this does not mean that you have to go with the lowest or cheapest estimate just to save the insurance company money.

Myth: It doesn’t matter what company I have fix my roof after a storm.

Fact: Unfortunately during an active storm season, many companies come into an area temporarily as “storm chasers”. These companies ‘work’ an area after a storm then leave to go on to the next storm area. This means that they will not be here to contact for warranty work and/or for service calls.

Myth: My insurance company will cancel my policy if I file a claim.

Fact: Insurance companies cannot cancel your policy for a disaster related claim.

Myth: If I file a claim, my insurance company will raise my rates.

Fact: After a disaster, whether you get a new roof or not, the state board of insurance may raise everyone’s rates in your area.

Common Indications that you may need a roof inspection:

Recent Hail or Wind storm

Water-stains on the ceiling

Roof debris on the ground after heavy winds

Rotted, warping, or curling of existing roof material

Extreme granule loss from shingles



Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof

People replace things frequently. Old clothes are replaced when they’re too big or small. Cell phones and cars are replaced for a newer model. But what about your roof? A roof is an important part of a home because it protects you from the weather elements and animals. If you’re a handyman and not afraid of heights, replace the roof yourself to save money. But it can be time-consuming to replace a roof and handle other obligations. A specialist in residential roofing Omaha, NE can take the task off your to-do list so you can focus on other responsibilities. Here are signs it’s time for a roof replacement:

  1. Homes built around the same time age and deteriorate. In comparison with other homes in your neighborhood, your roof looks bad. If roof replacement hasn’t happened in the last two decades, then it’s time for a roof replacement.
  2. Shingles add a protective layer to your roof and improve the homes overall appearance. If they are wet, cracked, or curled, then have the shingles replaced.
  3. Moss and algae are more of a cosmetic issue and don’t affect the roof, but it makes the roof look horrible. You may opt to rid of the fungi by spraying a 50:50 mixture of chlorine bleach and water. Please don’t pressure wash the roof since the force will damage your shingles. If you can’t get on the roof, then hire a professional to do it.
  4. Windstorms and snowstorms can cause damage to the shingles if the problem isn’t addressed right away. Strong storms sometimes weaken the roofs’ structure, and it’s imperative to seek help as soon as possible after the storm passes.
  5. A leaky roof can cause deterioration, and the result is bubbling paint, staining, or peeling along the roofline. The deterioration can seep into your interior walls.
  6. A poorly insulated roof will cause your utility bill to increase. Your air conditioner or heater must work harder to keep a temperature in the home.
  7. The shingles and roof deck need replacement if the beams are sagging or show evidence of moisture damage.
  8. When shingles to deteriorate, they break off into tiny pieces that resembles dark sand called granules. Eventually, you’ll see granules in your yard or gutter.
  9. You may have water leaking in the attic after a rainstorm or after snow melts. Water leaking can also cause deterioration and fungi to grow. If you notice leaking water, or a leaking light, it may be time for a roof replacement.

There are signs of a roof replacement. Aside from checking your roof after a windstorm or rainstorm, your roof can breed fungi which will cause cosmetic damage to shingles. Water leaks, high utility bill, and damaged shingles are a few signs it’s time for a roof replacement. This service can be expensive, so it’s important to pick someone who’s an expert at residential roofing in Omaha, NE. The longer you wait to have it done, the more expensive the repair will be.

Ice dams are a reality in Omaha – and other cities as well. They can cause considerable water damage to the exterior and interior of your home as gravity pulls water through the wood, insulation, and drywall, causing extensive structural damage and mold growth. Your best action against damage from ice dams is to so take the necessary steps to keep dams from forming in the first place. Proper attic insulation & ventilation are the principal elements in preventing ice dams from forming – having the correct insulation and ventilation will provide the ideal temperature balance in the attic, and avoid the thaw/freeze cycle that causes ice dams. What do you do when a dam forms, and you see damage?

Roof Leak Repairs: 5 Steps To Handling Ice Dam Damage

If you suspect an ice dam formed on your roof, there are things you can do immediately to minimize the damage.

1. Dispose of any built up snow using a roof rake or shoveling it off.

2. Remove the ice dam by breaking it in small chunks. Be very careful so you don’t further damage the roof, or hurt yourself .

3. If you notice a leak, blow cold air into the attic to freeze it, you should aim it directly at the underside of the roof where water is actively leaking in. This will stop the leak.

4. If there are no obvious roof leaks, you’ll want to inspect your roof & gutters when you discover an ice dam. From the attic, check the underside of the roof sheathing and roof trim for moisture in the area underneath the dam. Also, check the insulation, and see if it’s damp. Also look for other signs of water penetration, including water stains and mold. Take your time to completely inspect your roof.

5. If you see problems, have a roof professional examine your roof surface. Your roofing contractor should be looking for dark patches, missing or damaged shingles, water streaks, signs of uneven melting/freezing, damp attic insulation, sagging boards, signs of mold and mildew all signs of ice dam damage. In addition to identifying the source of the leak, your roofing contractor will design a plan to repair the damage to your roof. If it appears that mold has developed, you will also have to contact a contractor who is licensed in identifying and mitigating mold. Mold is a serious health danger, and removal is best left to an expert.

Always remember to keep safety in mind when working on the roof – especially in winter. Or, hire a professional, someone experienced at roofing in all seasons.

Call Your Local Roofing Contractor

If you think your roof is in need of repairs because of ice dams or other, the best advice is to seek out a local roofing contractor. And Innovative Roofing is ready to help! We offer expert roof repair, replacement, and installation services at affordable prices, Because we love what we do!


ROOF REPLACEMENT  is a part of home ownership, but before committing to a contract, you need to
be sure the company chosen is worthy of respect. There are many terrible stories about consumers
being scammed , especially after natural disasters. When you start the process of finding an
accredited roofing company, please do your research!

Homeowners to prevent from getting scammed by a shady roofing company, consider this factors,
before chosing the roofing company that best fits your needs.

Not all states demand from their roofing contractors a license to operate. So, before beginning the
process of searching for a roofer, check if they are licensed. If your state does not need a license, be
sure find other ways that proove the roofing company reputation before committing to a contract.
An elegible company will never get offended by the request. If you have a choice bbetween licensed
and non-licensed roofers to perform work, you should always hire one with a license. This serves as
a guarantee the roofing company is skilled and properly trained.

Insurance is also important to ask about before hiring a company. Roofing companies are
responsible for keeping insurance up to date, in case of accidents. If they do not have proper
insurance, injured workers can sue for damages of a work accident that happened on your
property. For your safeguard, always ask for proof of insurance up front.

Being bonded is not a required but it does help you to guarantee a satisfactory work. Businesses that
obtain bonding are adhered to standards of quality. A bonded company is a sign of a reputable

Roofing companies do need to have a professional looking website with good information. In this era
of Hi – Tech, a non-existent or poor website can signal a subpar company. The website should tell
information about the company, location, and history. This will help you to feel confident you have
found an established, legitimate company. Many scam roofing companies don’t have a physical
address or website. Both factors are red lights that you should look for a different company.

Online reviews can help you to figure out whether a company is legitimate and how satisfied
customers are after service. Do not rely only on stars, read all the reviews to find out specific
information. Check if there is a trend of work not being completed correctly? Do multiple reviewers
complain about something not done well ? Some people simply cannot be pleased, so if there are
low ratings, read the reviews to find out if the customer was simply being unreasonable, and then
decide if that company is the right one for you.

Before investing , find the company’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. The website is a
respectable place to find information on companies in your area. Companies with lower ratings have
had legitimate complaints placed against them. Skip the companies without high BBB ratings.

Roofing companies employees should look and behave professionally. . Reputable companies will
have professionally dressed employees in company vehicles. Each person you speak with, should be
polite and professional. After your first call to a company, if you find impatient or rude employees,
search fo another one. This behavior is often a glimpse of things to come.

Contractors should not pressure or force you into new products. Established, professional
companies do not force sales, because they are already successful.

A company that offers multiple choices to meet your needs, is a reputable company. Companies
that push only one product, color, or shingle type don’t have your best interests at heart in your
needs. A roof is a big investment, so you should get exactly what you want. Find a company that will
listen to your needs and desires and that provides you with multiple options.

Many contracting companies and manufacturers offer product warranties. Find one offering some
sort of guarantee and warranty. Ask what the warranty will and will not cover. Warranties are a
stamp for reputable companies, so they will be proud about it.
When you are looking for the best roofing company Give us a Call. Our team can assure you are
treated to the best services at reasonable prices. And we have the best warranty in the industry.
For us Reliability starts at the Top.