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How do companies create value with roofing, siding and related services?

We think it’s a good question. In looking at the overall industry, we’ve developed several ways to help our customers to navigate the process and save money along the way. We’re proud of our business model and we want to share it with you!

As a small local business, our philosophy is that honest work is its own reward, and word-of-mouth and reputation matter. We stand behind all of our work and our reputation in the community. Here are some ways that we accommodate our clients’ needs by avoiding excessively high costs or a drawn-out project timeline.

The Free Estimate

At Innovative Contractors, we will provide a free in-home estimate. It’s that easy.

There’s a reason that high-quality businesses such as many law firms offer free introductory consultations, and the best firms in our industry offer free estimates. Simply put, people don’t want to pay to try to figure out what it will cost them to do a necessary repair. They want to get a fair market price that they can look at and compare to other numbers to see where they stand.

Our free estimates allow us to become familiar with what the project needs, and at the same time accomplish that goal of giving the prospect of client that up-front information.

Excellent Customer Service

If you ever hired a roofer or other contractor and had been disappointed by delays, lack of communication and general project lag, you know how frustrating and inconvenient that can be. When there’s an agreement in hand, it’s important that work progresses on time and according to the plan, and that contractors keep in touch. We stay attuned to your needs throughout the project and even offer extended service hours when necessary, because we understand the role that we play in helping you to safeguard your investment in a property.

Our Five-Year Warranty

Here’s where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. The five-year warranty shows how we stand behind our labor and the materials that we use to complete one of your home improvement projects. For a significant investment such as a roof or new siding, this warranty is important because it helps you to avoid more costly projects down the line. Talk to Innovative Contractors about whatever you need to make your property look great and protect it from the elements for long-term structural integrity and a great overall impression in terms of curb appeal. We are active all around the Omaha area and can come out and get you a free estimate.

Increase Curb Appeal and The Value of Your Home with a New Roof

If you’re even remotely thinking about selling your home, then you’ve been watching the real estate market. Omaha, Nebraska has steadily moved into what resembles a residential seller’s market. However, buyers are picky with their real estate choices. As home prices rise, many buyers are withdrawing their offers.

How can you make your home stand out among buyers? If you live in a hot real estate market, investing in a new roof is a great way to maximize gain. Nationwide, homeowners tend to recoup a large portion of the cost of a new roof. In an area where bidding wars are raising the roof on sales prices to unexpected heights, new shingles may be just the thing to make a house ready for a lightning-fast sale.

No doubt, a beautiful home can help to motivate even the most reluctant buyer, because it’s the first impression in deciding the value for money. Here are the basics to increase curb appeal and sell your home faster with a new roof.

The Shape

The first thing buyers recognize about a roof is the shape. In fact, some people prefer homes with certain roof shapes over others. For example, some owners prefer flat roofs that can hold a terrace, while others prefer steep A-shaped roofs that can fit an attic with standing space. You can’t create a roof that suits all preferences, but you can make sure yours is a high-quality option of its type.

The Color

Summer sun, winter snow, fall leaves, and spring blossoms are just some of the things that may disguise a roof’s color. However, this does not mean that the color of your roof doesn’t matter. When choosing the color for your roof, consider the overall exterior of your home. Make sure the color of your roof complements the color of your siding, trim, shutters, etc.

The Material

First-time home buyers often don’t have a preference for roof types beyond aesthetics. If they have lived in an apartment for years, then this is all the more likely. Seasoned home buyers may know exactly what kind of roof they want based on prior experience with roof maintenance. Consider this when choosing a roof.

The Condition

If interested homebuyers remember nothing else about a house, they remember the state it was in. Was it clean or dirty? Did it look homey and sophisticated or old and broken? The roof plays a vital role in this. If there are missing shingles or the colors don’t line up, it may give the wrong impression and take away from the curb appeal. If you plan to sell your home and your roof has not been replaced in some time, contact Innovative Contractors. We can give you the competitive advantage your home needs to sell quickly and for top dollar. Just take a look at our gallery for visual proof!

5 Things to Consider When Re-Roofing Your Home

At Innovative Contractors, we strive to keep residential roofing services affordable, but the average cost of replacing a roof is between $6,400 to $15,840. For such a costly investment, you need to ensure that you choose a Nebraska roofing contractor that will do the job right.

When it comes to roof replacement concerns, homeowners and business owners alike turn to Innovative Roofing for help. Our certified and highly qualified roof replacement specialist has years of experience and vast roofing knowledge that will assure you and your property the best roof replacement outcome. Below are 5 things you should consider when re-roofing your Omaha, NE house.

  1. Inquire about your new roof’s ventilation
    Proper ventilation plays a large role in the longevity of your roof. Improving your roof’s ventilation helps regulate the attics temperatures during the summer and minimizes moisture accumulation in the winter. Ask your Innovative Roofing contractor about including such features as gable and ridge vents.
  2. Energy efficiency triumphs aesthetics
    An energy-efficient roof helps lower your energy bills because your air conditioning unit doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your home. Cool roofs are normally made of materials that don’t easily absorb the sun’s heat. Apart from keeping your home’s interior comfortable, this also reduces the roof’s maintenance costs. While in the past such roofs were mostly made of bright colors, dark hues are now available.
  3. Consider installing low maintenance gutters
    Misaligned gutters will not look well with your new roof. Choose an Omaha, NE roofing company that provides low-maintenance and seamless gutters. Choose gutters that are not held in place by gable overhangs or eaves as these are susceptible to water damage.
  4. Install an airtight chimney cap
    Although chimney caps are inexpensive, they’re one of the most overlooked components of a roofing system. A chimney cap reduces the energy consumption in your home by preventing heat from escaping and keeping snow, sleet, or rain from getting into your home. It also prevents animals such as squirrels, birds, raccoons, mice, and rats from accessing your home.
  5. Prevent formation of ice dams by installing eave flashings
    Eave flashings are your roof’s hiding heroes. This is a thin weather-proofing material which, alongside your roof’s underlayment, prevents moisture from getting to the shingles. Eave flashings also prevent the formation of ice dams – a big necessity when it comes to winters in Nebraska!

Contact an Omaha, NE Residential Roofing Contractor for Assistance

If it’s time to re-roof your home, talk to a reputable Nebraska re-roofing company like Innovative Contractors. Our roofing experts will advise you on whether your roof should be repaired or replaced. Contact us online today via our online contact form, or by calling (402) 512-4200.

When you’re calling a roofing firm to come in and do significant work on your house, you want to know who’s responding to your call.

That’s part of what the Internet is good for – it helps to make those introductions before you ever answer the doorbell. But some firms don’t really use this tremendous opportunity to learn to let their clients learn more about them prior to meeting up in person! Instead, those who have called a company are left wondering about who is going to show up at the door.

At Innovative Contractors, you can easily click into our site and learn about who we are – you can see pictures of our staff (and even their pets!) to understand how we work as a small local company.

Some of the larger roofing companies are faceless corporate behemoths. You never know who you’re dealing with – you might call on one day and get somebody’s first name, and then call another day and get somebody else. You might even get a different person with the same first name, which can invite all kinds of chaos. Later, when the job is getting done, your technician or team may not know the person who you talked to before.

At Innovative Contractors, we provide a chain of communications that helps our customers to trust our process and what we’re doing, and to know that they’re getting the good deal and fair work done at the end of the day. The whole “left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing” is not great for doing any kind of business: customers fear the bait and switch, and generally, it sows distrust that’s hard to dispel later.

With that in mind, as you check us out online, you can also check out our gallery to see some of the finished results we are most proud of. When we work on a nice family house or other property, we put in work that supports that aesthetic scenery that we’re working in – and the results are evident, from gable to ground! Take your time and you’ll see why we are one of the most popular roofing companies in the area. In addition, we work with insurance and offer long-term care plans for dedicated customers who want to make sure their house is in top condition every year. You can find out about these items on the web as well. We actually use the Internet as a way to inform our customers, and it helps us to work smarter, not harder as we go along building relationships. Become one of our customers at Innovative Contractors and benefit from transparency in home improvement.

More Than Just Roof Repairs in Omaha, Nebraska

When it comes to your roofing system, homeowners tend to focus on whole roof replacements. Which means you may overlook the details that go into a roof. It’s more than shingles and nails that keep your home safe and dry! Our Omaha, Nebraska roofing experts always provide accurate, detailed, and written inspection reports in order to give you an overview of your entire roofing system.

If you don’t want minor repair or roofing issues to transcend into complicated roofing projects, take note of the other important elements of your roofing system that you should have inspected, maintained, and repaired if needed.

Flashing (Joint Covers)

Roof flashing can be flexible or rigid and is made of galvanized steel, aluminum or plastic. It’s a type of resistant molding that prevents water flowing near roof openings from infiltrating the roof. Flashing is often installed at the intersections where one part of your roof joins with another in order to add a layer of protection against water. It’s found in valleys and at the bases of chimneys, walls, roof vents and plumbing vents.

Without flashing, the water could collect in one place and penetrate the seams. If your flashing is missing or damaged, it could mean trouble. We suggest calling our Nebraska roofing experts so we can assess the situation and fix it.

Chimney Caps

Adding a cap to your chimney not only increases its lifespan, but it keeps weather elements like rain and snow from damaging the inside. It also helps with downdrafts and keep rodents, birds, and other critters out. However, sometimes the mortar crown of the cap cracks or becomes damaged, allowing water to seep in and causing water damage. If you have a crack in your crown that needs repaired, don’t hesitate to call us and schedule an appointment.

Shingle Problems

Made of fiberglass and asphalt, shingles protect the roof from many natural elements such as hair, rain, and debris, and also give a home unique character. All natural elements mention (and more) eventually cause your shingles to crack, warp, curl, mold, lose granules, or even completely disappear. With compromised shingles, your roof can’t provide the full protection your home needs.


Leaks in a roof should never be ignored. Once you notice them, they will only get worse, and it could mean serious damage to your roofing structure, interior, and even the exterior of your home. If you know you have a leak in your roof, don’t wait to fix it. We can get the job done quickly and make sure your system is restored to its full potential.

Innovative Contractors for All Roofing Need in Omaha

When you neglect regular roofing maintenance for your entire roofing system, you’re creating a roofing problem without knowing it. Not paying attention to the roofing condition of your property is dangerous and can lead to greater damages. If you want to extend the lifespan of your roofing, you should conduct a regular inspection, maintenance, and repair. Contact us for Free Estimate!

For your roofing needs in Omaha, whether it concerns roof repair, roof replacement, roof installation, and other services relating to your roofing, siding, and gutters, turn to Innovative Roofing for prompt, efficient, and budget-friendly roofing services.

Contact us online today!

The Most Common Problems that May Affect Your Home’s Metal Roof

Regardless of what some company’s claim, there’s no such thing as a “perfect” product. You may be in a situation where you are lucky and never experience any real issues with a product, or you could experience an array of issues. It really all depends.

Metal roofing isn’t an exception to this rule.

While there are certain factors that affect the issues that may occur with metal roofing, there are other things beyond your control. Getting to know the signs of common issues with your metal roof is best, because you will know when you need to call for professional help.

Oil Canning

According to information from MCA – the Metal Construction Association – metal canning is when there is visible waviness in the flat portions of a metal roof. Oil canning is an inherent characteristic of almost all metal roofs. This occurs when the metal is over-stressed and no longer capable of holding a flat form, which is what creates the visible waves.

There are several causes of oil canning, including:

  • Over production
  • Improper storage, handling, and usage
  • Frequent stress from coil slitting or roll forming panels
  • Chances to the original form of the structure
  • Not enough space for thermal expansion and contraction

If you notice any of these issues, it’s best to call the professionals for an evaluation.


No one wants to deal with a leaky roof. While you will have to pay more for the roof to be fixed, leaks can also ruin the items inside your home or building. A metal roof is a possibility and there are some instances that are completely out of your control, while others are caused by human error.

Some of the mot common uncontrollable triggering causes or events that may lead to a metal roof leak include:

  • Structural damage
  • Driving rain
  • Wind
  • Ice damming
  • Melting or heavy snow
  • Other weather occurrences

Sometimes, the leak could be due to installer error. Some examples of this include failed fasteners, seam, flashing, butyl tape or sealant, or the use of improper details. Always work with a quality contractor to install the roof to reduce the chances that your roof will leak.

Scratching and Scuffing

Just like anything that has a paint system applied, metal roofing may suffer scuffing or scratching at some point. Today, modern manufacturers take extra precautions to make sure the coil isn’t scratched, but issues may still arise.

It’s necessary for those installing the roofing material to be extremely careful when doing this to ensure that damage doesn’t occur, as well.

Call the Professionals for Help

When it comes to your metal roof, there’s no question it offers a lot of benefits. However, if you want to avoid issues, the best thing you can do is work with the professionals. By doing this, you can feel confident your roof will perform as expected and that no serious issues will occur. For more information about quality roofing services, make sure to contact us today.

The Benefits of Having a New Roof Installed

Dealing with maintenance and repairs is something you need to get familiar with as a homeowner. In fact, if you are like most property owners, you will spend about 3 percent of your home’s total value on maintenance and repairs each year. The key to having success with home repair projects is by hiring experienced professionals.

Roof leaks and missing shingles are quite common. While these issues can generally be fixed, there will come a time when the only way to address these problems is by having a new shingle roof installed.

The following are some of the benefits that come with investing in a new roof.

A New Roof Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Finding a way to minimize monthly utility bills is usually one of the main concerns a homeowner has. The energy bill is usually one of a homeowner’s biggest monthly expenses. If the roof on a home is worn and leaking, it will allow the air produced by the HVAC unit to escape.

Not only will this lead to the HVAC unit having to work harder, it will also drive up the price of your energy bills. This is why investing in a new roof is so important. A new roof will make a home far more energy-efficient. The money paid for a new roof will be worth it considering the money it can help a homeowner save over time.

Avoid Problems With Leaks and Mold

Being frugal is important when trying to manage a household. However, you need to avoid letting your need to save money lead to bad decision-making. Keeping an old roof in place just to save a few dollars is a horrible idea.

An older roof will usually leak, which means a lot of water will be introduced to the inside of your home. The longer the water is allowed to penetrate the roof of a home, the higher the risk will become of mold developing. This mold can be toxic, which is why nipping this problem in the bud is crucial. With the addition of a new roof, a homeowner can say goodbye to leaks for a long time.

Taking Advantage of the Manufacturer’s Warranty

Most homeowners fail to realize that new roofs come with a warranty from the manufacturer. These warranties will vary based on the type of roof and the company who manufactured it. There are some asphalt shingle roofs that have a 25-year warranty on them.

Before choosing a new roof for your home, consult with professionals. Usually, they will be able to offer you guidance regarding the materials to use for this job. The professionals will also be able to give you a break down of roofing manufacturers and the warranties they provide.

Don’t Take on This Complicated Job Alone

Is your home in need of a new roof? If so, contact the professionals at Innovative Contractors. Our main goal is to provide our customers with quality work and affordable prices.

Why DIY Roof Repair is Never a Good Idea

Problems with your roof can result in long-term concerns, especially if they aren’t dealt with in a timely manner. In some situations, it may seem easier and more affordable to try and handle roof repairs on your own, rather than hiring a professional.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few downsides to a DIY roof job. Also, the roof is one part of the home where hiring an expert will pay off. Keep reading to learn why you should try to avoid DIY roof repairs here.

Inability to Find the Underlying Issue

While the issue may seem obvious, finding the precise problem-area isn’t always that simple. A big leak because of a conspicuous opening is something that’s best left to someone with the experience, tools, and equipment needed to handle such a big problem.

Also, with smaller leaks, the actual problem area could be more difficult to find. This means you are going to have to spend more time trying to make the needed repairs, when a professional could come in and handle the problem in a timely manner.

Safety Concerns

Trying to climb a ladder is challenging if you aren’t used to doing this. Once you get up on the ladder, you need to remain safe by ensuring you maintain your balance. Professionals in the roofing industry use industry-specific ladders, as well as safety harnesses and other protective equipment to make sure they remain stable while they are working. This is an important concern for any DIY homeowner. If you aren’t safe, you could sustain a serious injury or cause damage to your home.

No Expereince

If you don’t have roof repair experience, this could be a huge detriment if you are trying to handle roof repair on your own. Just the action of walking on a roof is something that takes practice.

It also requires a certain level of skill to reach all the intricate areas of the roof that require attention. A professional roofing contractor is going to understand that some roofs don’t have integrity in specific areas, and their trained eyes will be able to find the areas that have begun to sag or rot.

If you attempt roof repair without this same level of expertise, you may walk on these vulnerable areas. Not only is this going to damage your home’s roof further, it may also lead to a serious injury for you, or someone in your home.

Contaminant Exposure

If you have an older home with an older roof that dates from the early part of the 1980s, then there could be asbestos present, which is extremely dangerous. A roofing pro will know how to safely work with this material, while you probably won’t.

Roof Repair: Leave it to the Pros

If you have noticed that your home’s roof needs to be repaired, you may be tempted to try to handle the process on your own. However, as you can see from the information here, this isn’t always the best course of action. Hiring the pros is best to ensure the roof repairs are handled properly.

How to Get Your Roof Ready For Fall

Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibility. Your main goal as a homeowner should be to keep your residence in pristine shape. While this may sound relatively easy, it can be quite challenging. Learning how to perform maintenance on the various systems your home has can save you lots of money over time.

Most homeowners spend roughly $1,500 on maintenance every year. As the cooler weather of fall rapidly approaches, you should turn your attention to the condition of your roof. Making sure your roof if leak and damage-free can help you avoid serious repair issues this fall.

Here are some of the things you can do to get your home’s roof ready for fall.

Perform a Thorough Roof Inspection

When trying to assess the condition of a home’s roof, a person will need to perform a thorough inspection. Taking a look at the shingles to see if any of them are buckled or missing is imperative. As time goes by, the asphalt shingles on a roof will become brittle and damaged due to constant sun exposure. If you notice a number of missing or damaged shingles, be sure to contact professionals.

Allowing this problem to go unfixed can lead to major leakage issues in the future. If you are unsure about how to perform an inspection, hiring professionals to do it for you is a good idea. A roofing contractor will know how to inspect a roof and find any problems that may exist.

Get Your Trees Trimmed

Most homeowners plant trees around their home because of the natural beauty and shade they provide. While trees can be beneficial, they will have to be trimmed over time. If the branches of a tree are hanging over the roof of your home, it is only a matter of time before this leads to significant damage.

A strong wind may blow the limb off the tree, which means it will land on the top of your home. In some cases, a limb may puncture your roof and cause a leak to occur. The only way to ensure this doesn’t happen is by hiring an experienced tree service to trim the limbs. Not only will this help you protect your home, it will also promote healthy growth.

Cleaning the Gutters is a Must

Nothing is quite as relaxing as listening to rain hitting the roof of a home. However, this rain can cause major damage if the gutter system attached to the side of your home is not functional. If the gutter system is clogged with leaves and sticks, it will be unable to remove the water from around the roof and foundation.

This is why having the gutters cleaned by a professional is a good idea. These professionals can clean and inspect the gutters to ensure no other repair issues are present.

Finding the Right Roofing Professionals is Imperative

Instead of trying to maintain a roof on your own, reach out to professionals for help. At Innovative Contractors, you can get the help you need for a reasonable price. Contact us now for more information on the services we provide.

If you are a homeowner, Maybe you are used to dealing with gutters. Gutters are an essential part of your home since they are the barrier between the water and your roof.

Clogged gutter might not be the first thing that comes to your mind if we mention “roof damage”.

Being a busy person, maybe you have forgotten to clean them on more than one time. As harmless as this can sound, this can cause water leaking from your roof into your wall, and in the end causing foundation damage. As we know, water can be very damaging. And having a bad gutter system or even a clogged gutter can lead to pooling water, as an example.

But let’s focus on the roof. Stagnanted water can rapidly rot a roof if its not taken care of. The roof is a part of your house you want to focus on because it is the most important part of a house when it comes to weather issues. A bad gutter can cause damage on a small portion of the roof/wall, but it can increase to a bigger section, and even end up causing damage inside your home.

We want to bring awareness that a small thing can end up causing you to spend a great amount of money if you don’t take care of it. Like everything in life, it can be taken care of. By spending 30 minutes once a week, removing some leaves, can eventually help you save money that might take you on a vacation.

A damaged roof can take a lot of money if not treated on time. It can cost you many dollars if the problem is not treated.

But if you don’t have the time and you are starting to see a tiny mark on your wall, or if you know your roof might need some pampering, that’s what we are here for.

Contact us immeadiately and make your free consultation. Keep in mind: a phone call made on time, can save you a lot of time!