The Benefits of Having a New Roof Installed

Dealing with maintenance and repairs is something you need to get familiar with as a homeowner. In fact, if you are like most property owners, you will spend about 3 percent of your home’s total value on maintenance and repairs each year. The key to having success with home repair projects is by hiring experienced professionals.

Roof leaks and missing shingles are quite common. While these issues can generally be fixed, there will come a time when the only way to address these problems is by having a new shingle roof installed.

The following are some of the benefits that come with investing in a new roof.

A New Roof Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Finding a way to minimize monthly utility bills is usually one of the main concerns a homeowner has. The energy bill is usually one of a homeowner’s biggest monthly expenses. If the roof on a home is worn and leaking, it will allow the air produced by the HVAC unit to escape.

Not only will this lead to the HVAC unit having to work harder, it will also drive up the price of your energy bills. This is why investing in a new roof is so important. A new roof will make a home far more energy-efficient. The money paid for a new roof will be worth it considering the money it can help a homeowner save over time.

Avoid Problems With Leaks and Mold

Being frugal is important when trying to manage a household. However, you need to avoid letting your need to save money lead to bad decision-making. Keeping an old roof in place just to save a few dollars is a horrible idea.

An older roof will usually leak, which means a lot of water will be introduced to the inside of your home. The longer the water is allowed to penetrate the roof of a home, the higher the risk will become of mold developing. This mold can be toxic, which is why nipping this problem in the bud is crucial. With the addition of a new roof, a homeowner can say goodbye to leaks for a long time.

Taking Advantage of the Manufacturer’s Warranty

Most homeowners fail to realize that new roofs come with a warranty from the manufacturer. These warranties will vary based on the type of roof and the company who manufactured it. There are some asphalt shingle roofs that have a 25-year warranty on them.

Before choosing a new roof for your home, consult with professionals. Usually, they will be able to offer you guidance regarding the materials to use for this job. The professionals will also be able to give you a break down of roofing manufacturers and the warranties they provide.

Don’t Take on This Complicated Job Alone

Is your home in need of a new roof? If so, contact the professionals at Innovative Contractors. Our main goal is to provide our customers with quality work and affordable prices.

Why DIY Roof Repair is Never a Good Idea

Problems with your roof can result in long-term concerns, especially if they aren’t dealt with in a timely manner. In some situations, it may seem easier and more affordable to try and handle roof repairs on your own, rather than hiring a professional.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few downsides to a DIY roof job. Also, the roof is one part of the home where hiring an expert will pay off. Keep reading to learn why you should try to avoid DIY roof repairs here.

Inability to Find the Underlying Issue

While the issue may seem obvious, finding the precise problem-area isn’t always that simple. A big leak because of a conspicuous opening is something that’s best left to someone with the experience, tools, and equipment needed to handle such a big problem.

Also, with smaller leaks, the actual problem area could be more difficult to find. This means you are going to have to spend more time trying to make the needed repairs, when a professional could come in and handle the problem in a timely manner.

Safety Concerns

Trying to climb a ladder is challenging if you aren’t used to doing this. Once you get up on the ladder, you need to remain safe by ensuring you maintain your balance. Professionals in the roofing industry use industry-specific ladders, as well as safety harnesses and other protective equipment to make sure they remain stable while they are working. This is an important concern for any DIY homeowner. If you aren’t safe, you could sustain a serious injury or cause damage to your home.

No Expereince

If you don’t have roof repair experience, this could be a huge detriment if you are trying to handle roof repair on your own. Just the action of walking on a roof is something that takes practice.

It also requires a certain level of skill to reach all the intricate areas of the roof that require attention. A professional roofing contractor is going to understand that some roofs don’t have integrity in specific areas, and their trained eyes will be able to find the areas that have begun to sag or rot.

If you attempt roof repair without this same level of expertise, you may walk on these vulnerable areas. Not only is this going to damage your home’s roof further, it may also lead to a serious injury for you, or someone in your home.

Contaminant Exposure

If you have an older home with an older roof that dates from the early part of the 1980s, then there could be asbestos present, which is extremely dangerous. A roofing pro will know how to safely work with this material, while you probably won’t.

Roof Repair: Leave it to the Pros

If you have noticed that your home’s roof needs to be repaired, you may be tempted to try to handle the process on your own. However, as you can see from the information here, this isn’t always the best course of action. Hiring the pros is best to ensure the roof repairs are handled properly.

How to Get Your Roof Ready For Fall

Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibility. Your main goal as a homeowner should be to keep your residence in pristine shape. While this may sound relatively easy, it can be quite challenging. Learning how to perform maintenance on the various systems your home has can save you lots of money over time.

Most homeowners spend roughly $1,500 on maintenance every year. As the cooler weather of fall rapidly approaches, you should turn your attention to the condition of your roof. Making sure your roof if leak and damage-free can help you avoid serious repair issues this fall.

Here are some of the things you can do to get your home’s roof ready for fall.

Perform a Thorough Roof Inspection

When trying to assess the condition of a home’s roof, a person will need to perform a thorough inspection. Taking a look at the shingles to see if any of them are buckled or missing is imperative. As time goes by, the asphalt shingles on a roof will become brittle and damaged due to constant sun exposure. If you notice a number of missing or damaged shingles, be sure to contact professionals.

Allowing this problem to go unfixed can lead to major leakage issues in the future. If you are unsure about how to perform an inspection, hiring professionals to do it for you is a good idea. A roofing contractor will know how to inspect a roof and find any problems that may exist.

Get Your Trees Trimmed

Most homeowners plant trees around their home because of the natural beauty and shade they provide. While trees can be beneficial, they will have to be trimmed over time. If the branches of a tree are hanging over the roof of your home, it is only a matter of time before this leads to significant damage.

A strong wind may blow the limb off the tree, which means it will land on the top of your home. In some cases, a limb may puncture your roof and cause a leak to occur. The only way to ensure this doesn’t happen is by hiring an experienced tree service to trim the limbs. Not only will this help you protect your home, it will also promote healthy growth.

Cleaning the Gutters is a Must

Nothing is quite as relaxing as listening to rain hitting the roof of a home. However, this rain can cause major damage if the gutter system attached to the side of your home is not functional. If the gutter system is clogged with leaves and sticks, it will be unable to remove the water from around the roof and foundation.

This is why having the gutters cleaned by a professional is a good idea. These professionals can clean and inspect the gutters to ensure no other repair issues are present.

Finding the Right Roofing Professionals is Imperative

Instead of trying to maintain a roof on your own, reach out to professionals for help. At Innovative Contractors, you can get the help you need for a reasonable price. Contact us now for more information on the services we provide.

If you are a homeowner, Maybe you are used to dealing with gutters. Gutters are an essential part of your home since they are the barrier between the water and your roof.

Clogged gutter might not be the first thing that comes to your mind if we mention “roof damage”.

Being a busy person, maybe you have forgotten to clean them on more than one time. As harmless as this can sound, this can cause water leaking from your roof into your wall, and in the end causing foundation damage. As we know, water can be very damaging. And having a bad gutter system or even a clogged gutter can lead to pooling water, as an example.

But let’s focus on the roof. Stagnanted water can rapidly rot a roof if its not taken care of. The roof is a part of your house you want to focus on because it is the most important part of a house when it comes to weather issues. A bad gutter can cause damage on a small portion of the roof/wall, but it can increase to a bigger section, and even end up causing damage inside your home.

We want to bring awareness that a small thing can end up causing you to spend a great amount of money if you don’t take care of it. Like everything in life, it can be taken care of. By spending 30 minutes once a week, removing some leaves, can eventually help you save money that might take you on a vacation.

A damaged roof can take a lot of money if not treated on time. It can cost you many dollars if the problem is not treated.

But if you don’t have the time and you are starting to see a tiny mark on your wall, or if you know your roof might need some pampering, that’s what we are here for.

Contact us immeadiately and make your free consultation. Keep in mind: a phone call made on time, can save you a lot of time!

Roof replacement is an investment that needs to be taken seriously. You want the best roof that meets your budget and fits your needs. There is a large line up of different types of roofing materials on the market. This makes deciding a new roof overwhelming for some building owners. To help alleviate your decision-making, professional roof inspectors can isnpect your roof and help you make an educated decision. Here are some of the ways that an inspection can help you.

You Get an Evaluation

A roof evaluation is one of the best evaluations to have done. Roofers use a variety of tests to appraise your roof’s condition. For example, they may use infrared surveys, aerial photography, core tests and other scans. To figure out what you can do to upgrade and strengthen your roof.

You Get a Quote

If an inspector works ,whether or not for a roofing company it doesn’t matter, they can still help you to interpret what types of costs you’re looking at and how to get the best deal. They recognize what type of roofing job you need done and can support you.

You Get Material Advice

After a roof inspection, you will be told which materials would work best on your roof. The inspector considers your environment, plus the architecture to determine what would be best for your home. There may be several options. Still, after an inspection, take into account all the factors that help you decide on a material. Like, weather, budget and architecture are important to deciding on a roof.

When it comes to installing a new roof, an inspection will help you save money. Without it, you may not know the best material to use, much less what kind of roof repair you need.

Do you have a roofing need ? Contact Innovative Roofing today by calling (402) 512-4200 or sending an email to to get a free estimate for your next project. To learn more about our roofing services, or our Total Care Club please click here.

Summertime Roof Maintenance Tips

At Innovative Roofing, we talk about how important it is to regularly inspect your roof. Early detection of leaks can literally prevent headaches . As water gets into your home, mold starts to grow which can cause a multitude of health issues. The stress of locating leaks and paying repair bills can cause headaches, too. So, if you check your roof regularly, you can intercept problems early before they get too big and too expensive. Here are a some important things to look for this summer:

Inspect Roof Shingles Closely

The shingles that line your roof are the first line of defense. Damaged or missing shingles mean a leaky roof. If shingles are lifting up, it is easier for water to get into the underlayment and into the house. Water and wind from storms beat down on the roof and wear away the grit of the asphalt shingles diminishing their effectiveness.

Not all damaged shingles will be visibly lifting up, but that’s not the only sign. Torn shingles and shingle creases are two other common signs that those shingles need to be replaced. Innovative Roofing knows that not all roofs need a replacement. Instead, many problems, like shingle replacement, can and should be repaired before the problem turns into a leak.

Inspect Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is made usually from rust-resistant metal, and it is placed around skylights, chimneys, and vents to create a barrier between the roof and the inside. It also runs along the valleys and crevices of the roof to direct water. Caulk is used to create a seal, and this caulk could wear over time.

Observing the points of contact on your roof with flashing is another way to spot problems before they start. Summer heat can make the caulk to swell and contract over time which wears it away. If you do notice worn out caulking or leaks, call Innovative Roofing as soon as possible. We offer 24/7 emergency roof repair and inspections. Taking care of the problem before it gets worse could save you a lot of money .

Check Your Drains And Gutters

Clogged drains and gutters can create an amount of problems. Water overflow could accumulate around your home causing erosion at the base. Also, leaves and debris in the gutter are great places for pests to hide. But for your roof, it could cause the shingles to rot and leaks inside your home leading to bigger problems like mold.

While this is a summer tip, it is a good idea to clean the gutters every month.

Get A Free Roofing Quote From Innovative Roofing Today

If you notice any damage after you’ve done your inspection, or if something doesn’t look right, call us right away. Our expert team has the experience to perform roof repairs and roof maintenance that will save you from unexpected costs. Send us message online or call us 24/7 at (402) 512-4200.

The 4th of July for 2019 is days away.

As roofers, we have seen almost everything when it comes to “ways your roof can be ruined,” including fireworks. If you have presented your own mini-pyrotechnics show in your garden or driveway and watched sparks and debris pour down over your home, you might know what we’re talking about.

Fireworks are able to do some serious damage to your roof. Many types of fireworks are still flickering as they rain back down from the sky, which can spell disaster for your home. Some people might think that because their house has asphalt shingles (as opposed to the seemingly more flammable shake, or wood, shingles), their roof can “uphold” without incident. Regrettably, that’s just not the case. If your (asphalt shingled) roof has any cracked, broken, or missing shingles, the material underneath them (namely roof felt paper and wood decking) is extremely flammable – making your roof susceptible to catching fire.

This may not seem like a big deal until you think about the storms that hit not too long ago. Hail descending over neighborhoods wreaked complete and total damage on roofs all across the city. Because of the extent of the damage, many homeowners are still waiting for repairs and left damaged shingles vulnerable during the holiday.

So what can you do to protect your roof from being ruined by the after-effects of fireworks in the following years?

First, make sure to have any necessary repairs done to your roof BEFORE the 4th. If that’s not possible, renounce lighting any fireworks at your house and, head out to a show that’s put on by professionals (and is nowhere near your roof!)

Most realistically, make sure that all fireworks are lit AT LEAST 500 feet from your home – preferably further, if possible.

Whatever you decide, just know that at Innovative Roofing we are more than willing to lend a hand should you decide (or have fireworks decide for you) that a roof repair or replacement is in order.

Things You Should Expect from Your Roofing Company

Experiencing roof issues and searching for a reputable and experienced local roofing company? You’re right on track! Given the investment and importance of a quality roof, researching local businesses to find the right roofing contractor for your project is important.

In this post, we outline 9 things you should expect from a roofing company

Good communication

When investing in your home, you’re going to have questions. Who answers those questions matters.

Make sure that the roofing contractor you work with has someone always available to answer any questions you have. This person should be someone directly involved in the work being done on your roof.

Proper diagnosis

At the start of the project, The contractor should be able to diagnose the root issue and not just recommend a new roof. Without proper diagnosis, the same problem that caused the initial issue could cause you to have a damaged roof all over again.

Positive reviews

Homeowners who’ve had work done by a roofing contractor are in the best position to evaluate their work, their opinions matter.

Anybody you work with should always have positive reviews online. Take special note of comments regarding:

Customer service

Quality of workmanship



Overall experience

If you see multiple negative comments, ask for an explanation. If they don’t have a good answer, it’s probably a good idea to steer clear.

Local experience

Local businesses stay around for one reason above all : consistent, quality service. Focusing your search on local businesses whose records of quality service in your area can be tracked.

When a company in your are has firm roots, you can rely on them being there for their warranty and standing behind their work.

Don’t be afraid to ask a contractor how long they’ve been in the community.

Utilization of good roofing products

Roofs need to be made from quality products that last. When a roofer gives you a quote, they’ll also include the type of roofing material they’re planning on using. Make sure the material they use actually matches up with the material on your estimate.

Products and labor warranty

Good businesses stand behind their work. Roofing contractors should be no different.

When a roofing project is completed, there are generally two components to any roof warranty:

Labor warranty: This is the warranty of the workmanship of the roof and covers a faulty job installing the roof. This is covered by the roofing contractor.

Materials warranty: This warranty covers failure or manufacturers defects on the actual materials the roofs are made with. These are generally offered by the manufacturer and not the roofing contractor themselves.

Reputable roofers are trained to install the roofing material in a way that does not void the material. They’ll also help you with any roofing material claims that need to be made.

They must be insured, licensed, and bonded

This could be the most important step. Working with a roofing contractor who is insured, licensed, and bonded will protect you before, during, and after the roofing project has been completed.

All three protect you in different ways:

Insured roofers protect against worker or property damage during the project.

Bonded roofers protect against a subpar job. This protects you in case the roofers just get up and leave, don’t honor a warranty, or are simply being unresponsive to obvious failures to live up to your contract

Licensed roofers provide overarching protection to everything else.

Make sure any roofer you work with provides a free estimate for your roofing project, they should be willing to earn your business. Reputable roofing contractors will be eager to come out to you and provide a simple quote for the cost of the project.

Good work

You should expect good work from any roofing contractor you work with.

The best way to ensure you find a roofer who does good work? Don’t settle.

Innovative Roofing can help you protect your home

Being a homeowner, there are many different things that you need to take care of. As part of your preparation and overall protection, it’s important to become informed of roof insurance claims for storm damage.

Top 3 Signs of Storm Damage

Have you experienced a storm recently? Below are some of the most common signs of storm damage.

Missing Roof Shingles

Wind gusts can lift up roof shingles . You can’t ignore these spots.

If exposed , the roofing can deteriorate faster and soon you’ll will need emergency roof repairs or replacements.

Cracked and Dented Roof Shingles

Cracks and dents on the roof shingles can cause openings. These openings are susceptible to water penetration and become the source of leaks and other water damages.

Water damages, are seriously destructive. and can go unnoticed for a long time until they become difficult to manage.

Granules in the Gutters

If you find granules in the gutter area, it’s not a good sign.

A roof can become vulnerable and need replacement if continuous granule shedding persists. You will have to seek a professional’s assistance. They will help you know the status of your roofing, especially after a storm.

What Is Included In Your Roof Insurance Package?

Roof insurance claims for storm damage vary depending on your location. Some insurance policies are more inclusive.

To give you an overview, here are the most common inclusions:

Hailstorm Damage

Hailstorm damage can be a serious matter. In worst cases, it can cause emergency roof replacements. Most roof insurance claims for storm damage include this in their coverage.

Water Damages

People usually file roof insurance claims for storm damage if they have been hit by hurricanes that cause flooding.

Wind Damage

Win can create serious damage ,It can blow heavy and huge tree branches or debris on to your roofing. So, it can prompt emergency repairs or replacements depending on the level of damage.

Snowstorm Damage

Ice can also lead to different water damages. So, it’s a critical inclusion in your roof insurance package. Check with your service provider to know if your roof insurance package includes this type of roofing damage.

How to File Roof Insurance Claims for Storm Damage?

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to successfully file for insurance claims for storm damage:

Communicate with a local roofing company – This will let them recommend the necessary actions immediately.

Report to the insurance service provider – They will look for evidence and documentation to support your claim. Most licensed roofing companies extend roof insurance claim assistance.

Expedite the contract signing – Make sure that there is a contract in place that is signed (and understood) by all parties involved before any construction begins.

Proceed with the construction as planned – This will follow right after the documents have been signed.

If you choose to work with Innovative Roofing, you’ll be guaranteed insurance claims assistance. We guide our customers every step of the way to make sure that they are protected from potential dangers. Our team is composed of roofing profesionals who doesn’t only build, repair, and replace roofs. We are are trained to handle storm damage cases.

Reach out to us 402.512.4200 and receive a free estimate.

How do you identify if your roof has hail damage? Let’s find out in today’s blog post.

Hail damage roof can be costly to fix. It’s not just a stress from a homeowner’s part but could also bring safety concerns. That is why, we will give you tips on how to spot roof hail damage the correct way.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about hail damage roof:

What Makes Your Roofing vulnerable to Hail Damage?

We all know that hailstorms are a natural event. And there’s no way to avoid them from coming. However, there are aspects that make your roof more susceptible to hail damage.

Old Roof Age

Your roof’s age can be a big factor when it comes to hail damages.

An aging roof can receive more hail damages than a newer one. Remember, you always have to check on its condition on a regular basis. If not, it can be dangerous for you and your family. Besides, emergency roof replacements are more expensive than scheduled maintenance programs.

Types of Roofing Materials

Roofing materials are built to withstand extreme weather including hailstorms. However, there are roofing systems that resist less to wind and hail impact as compared to other options.

Some roofing systems react different to hail impact. For example, wood shingles can crack faster, Clay tiles may break apart and asphalt shingles can experience dents depending on the hail intensity.

In the end, it’s all about caring for your roof regardless of the roofing system. If you know how to keep them in a good condition, they have the potential to react better even during hailstorms.

Location of Your House

Living in areas surrounded by tall trees have a line of defense against hail, compared to properties that are entirely exposed. The trees and their branches can block off some hail pieces that will try to pierce through your property.

What Determines the Roof Hail Damage?

Hail damage can vary from minor to major depending on the wind speed direction and hail size. It can determine if your roofing will get a severe beating or not so much. The stronger the wind impact, the more damage it can create to your roof.

As for the hail size, it can be as small as a pea and as big as a golf ball. But, even the smaller ones can puncture or create dents on your roofing. The bigger ones can cut through parts of your houses depending on the wind speed.

How to Confirm If You Have Hail Damage Roof?

Below are some of the things you need to watch out for if you’re looking for possible hail damages:

– Scratches on the HVAC

– Hail pieces on gutters and downspouts

– Dents and marks on siding and windows

– Broken, missing, or displaced roof shingles

– Deep cuts and punctures on the roof surface

– Damp or soft spots on the roof

What To Do If You Found Hail Damage Roof Signs?

Here are some tips to handle hail damage roof correctly. Wrong moves can worsen the situation and create more damages to your property. Hence, always follow a professional’s advice.

1. Visually inspect your property from the ground level. From there, try to spot which areas have been badly hit by the hail storm.

2. If you can, take photos of the damages that you found. These can be useful when filing for roof hail damage insurance.

3. Seek professional assistance immediately even if you’re not yet sure if it’s hail damage or not.

4. Be mindful of scammers. There are groups of people who pretend to be roofing experts.

5. Find a trusted roofing company that operates locally. This is an advantage as they will be able to visit your place immediately.

If you don’t take action to solve your hail damage roof, it can put you and your family at risk for accidents and health concerns.

If you’ve just experienced a hailstorm and you suspect hail damage roof, call your local roofing partner right away.

Want to fix your hail damage roof? Not sure whether you have a hail damage roof or not?

Let Innovative Roofing put an end to all your roof damage. We’re available 24/7 to solve your roofing needs especially if they’re about a hail damage roof.Contact our roofing specialists today 402-512-4200