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5 Things That Impact Roof Replacement Costs


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The average roof will take a lot of abuse from Mother Nature. When you start to notice missing shingles and other severe roof repair issues, you need to decide the best way to address them. In some cases, these issues can be fixed. However, there will come a time when your existing roof will need to be replaced. 

On average, over 5 million new roofs are installed in the United States annually. The cost of this home repair project is something you should be concerned with. Many factors impact the cost of roof replacement and here are some of them. 

1. Roof Accessibility

The first step in the roof replacement process is receiving bids from different contractors. As a contractor inspects your residence, they will assess how accessible the roof is. A roofing contractor needs to be able to tear off the old roof and get these waste materials into a dump truck. 

If the perimeter around your home features landscaping or a fence, getting a dump truck close to the roof will be difficult. This can result in the cost of roof replacement increasing. 

2. Number of Roof Penetrations

Anything that pokes out of your roof, like gas, plumbing and kitchen vents, is referred to as a roof penetration. These penetrations can also come in the form of chimneys and skylights. If your roof has multiple penetrations, it will require more time and manpower to install new roofing materials.  

Generally, smaller penetrations like vents won’t add much to the overall cost of new installation. Larger penetrations like chimneys and skylights usually add to these costs. 

3. The Roofing Materials

Some homeowners fail to realize just how many different materials are used to install a new roof. The roof on your home is made up of more than just shingles. The number of components used to install a new roof significantly impacts the cost of this repair job. 

Components used during the roof installation process include:

  • Ridge capping
  • Underlayment
  • Ventilation system components
  • Water and ice shield
  • Starter shingles

Additional components like pipe boots, flashing and drip edges can also be used during this process. By getting a breakdown of what materials will be used by a roofing contractor, you can better understand the cost of their estimate. 

4. Roof Size and Complexity

The most obvious factor that dictates the cost of a roof replacement is the size and complexity of the roof in question. The larger a roof is, the more materials a contractor will need to use to complete this project. Roof complexity also plays a role in the cost of roof replacement. The more valleys, angles and dips a roof has, the more time a contractor will have to spend on the project. 

5. Dump Fees

Another factor that can affect the cost of a roof replacement project are dump fees. The more debris the roofing contractor has to dispose of, the higher the dump fees will be. In most cases, a contractor can give you an accurate estimate of what these fees will be before the job begins. 

From the size of the roof to the materials used, lots of factors can impact the cost of your roof replacement. 


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