The roof of your home was designed to last a lifetime. Throughout the ownership of the house, eventually, the roof will be susceptible to damage. The type of damages includes wind damage, hail damage, and a leaky roof. Once your roof is damaged, you have to decide whether you will repair the damaged area(s), do a partial roof replacement, or replace the entire roof. Some factors will determine which route you want to do.

The most significant factor in determining what to do to your roof is cost. Most people are strapped for cash and can’t afford to do any repairs to their roof, while others don’t mind paying the quoted amount to repair something that’s supposed to last a lifetime.

The next factor is the extent of the damage. If a few shingles need replacement, that’s an easy fix; slip the new shingles in place. However, unless the shingles currently on your roof are new, it may be a problem to patch it up using the same color. You will end up with mismatched shingles. If you plan to sell your home, mismatched shingles will be unattractive to potential buyers. If part of the roof is damaged, you need to decide if it’s worth replacing only part of the roof. While doing a partial replacement may seem like the solution, you have to consider how many layers are currently on your roof. If you have two layers, the decision is already made for you. Depending on the type of roof you have, one side of the roof will be higher than the new roof.

Along with the extent of the damage, you also have to think about the roofs’ appearance. Mismatched shingles and a lop-sided roof are a few things that look unattractive. If you decide to do a partial replacement, a contractor can try to blend it with the current roof.

The extent of the roof damage will also determine if you will repair or replace it. A roof that has experienced severe wind or hail damage will require an entire replacement. A leaky roof in one area could be an easy fix, while if the whole roof is leaking, then yes replace it.

When you’ve decided to replace your roof, now you have to determine if you’re going to remove the roof or install the new one over the old roof. As was previously mentioned, the decision will come down to cost. You can save money now and risk greater expenses later or spend the extra cash now and prevent future damages. Eventually, the decision to repair or replace your roof is up to you. It’s contingent on a few factors such as cost, the extent of the damage, and the appearance of your roof if you do a partial replacement. Whatever you decide, call Innovative Contractors. We will give you an estimate of your request and advise you on the best options based on your roofing needs.

The Unique Benefits of Hiring Local Roofing Companies

One of the first things you have to do when replacing your roof is finding the roofer that fits your needs. Hiring local roofing companies offer benefits others just don’t have. Here are some of these benefits:

Local Roofing Companies Are Easy to Reach

One of the benefits local roofing companies offer is geographical advantage, which makes it convenient. Locals are less likely to be late, whether for the initial in-home consultations or on the installation day . In case you need to check their references and want to personally see their handiwork, chances are they may have worked for someone within a 10-minute drive.

This nearness can also be an advantage in case a storm hits your area. Local roofers have faster response times, which can be critical if your insurance provider needs timely assessment of the damage. It also helps speed up the payout process, especially if the contractor has had experience working with roofing insurance claims.

Local Roofing Companies Know Local Regulations

On top of the international building codes, there are local codes that must be adhered to by local contractors. Out-of-town roofing companies may not be as familiar with such codes; locals like Innovative Roofing know all applicable building codes and regulations front-to-back and have all the proper licenses and insurance. You can be sure that your roof is in smart hands.

Local Roofing Companies Are Part of the Local Community

Beyond our remarkable roof installation services, certifications and awards from trustworthy organizations like Angie’s List, Three Best Rated; we at Innovative Roofing are community members. We are proud participants of the local help activities every chance we get.

To learn more about the benefits of hiring locals like ourselves, call Innovative Roofing today at (402) 512-4200, or fill out our contact form. We serve Serving Omaha, NE; Licoln, NE; Council Bluffs, IA


Consumers often have been misinformed about filing an insurance claim to replace or repair their damaged roof.

Here are some facts and myths about the insurance claim process:

Myth: If I find a roofer who does the work cheaper than my insurance company estimated, then I can pocket the difference and make some money.

Fact: According to Insurance laws, this is considered insurance fraud. insurance companies require the roofing contractor to provide afinal invoice to them. Getting the work done cheaper than the insurance estimate actually saves the insurance company money and does nothing for you. If the price of the roof replacement is lower than the insurance company estimate, your insurance company will in turn, adjust your final depreciation check accordingly, making the final depreciation check less by that amount.

Myth: My insurance company says I have to get three estimates and go with the lowest estimate.

Fact: You are not required to get three estimates. Plus you candetermine which company you want to have perform the work for you. Even though the insurance is paying, this does not mean that you have to go with the lowest or cheapest estimate just to save the insurance company money.

Myth: It doesn’t matter what company I have fix my roof after a storm.

Fact: Unfortunately during an active storm season, many companies come into an area temporarily as “storm chasers”. These companies ‘work’ an area after a storm then leave to go on to the next storm area. This means that they will not be here to contact for warranty work and/or for service calls.

Myth: My insurance company will cancel my policy if I file a claim.

Fact: Insurance companies cannot cancel your policy for a disaster related claim.

Myth: If I file a claim, my insurance company will raise my rates.

Fact: After a disaster, whether you get a new roof or not, the state board of insurance may raise everyone’s rates in your area.

Common Indications that you may need a roof inspection:

Recent Hail or Wind storm

Water-stains on the ceiling

Roof debris on the ground after heavy winds

Rotted, warping, or curling of existing roof material

Extreme granule loss from shingles