Roofing Q&A Part 1

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Roofing Q&A Part 1
ROOFING FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS HOW CAN I TELL IF MY HOME IS READY FOR A NEW ROOF? To start, take into consideration the age of the roof ? when was it last replaced? Also, what does the physical appearance of your roof look like? If you have questions, schedule a regular inspection of your roof, in order to catch damage early, before it turns into a bigger repair later. SCHEDULE YOUR FREE ROOF INSPECTION TODAY! IS IT POSSIBLE FOR INNOVATIVE ROOFING TO INSTALL MY ROOF IN ONE DAY? In most cases, we can complete your new roof in just one day! This includes tearing off the old roof, taking the old away, installing the new roof, and completely cleaning up after ourselves. And because we’re experts in what we install, you’ll never have to sacrifice quality for speed. HOW MUCH WILL MY NEW PREMIUM ROOFING SYSTEM COST? There are many variables that go into the price of your roof. At Innovative Roofing, we use an open book pricing system, meaning that you’ll know all of the costs up front. Because we’re honest about our pricing, you’ll never have an surprises at the beginning or end. WHAT TYPE OF STYLES AND COLOR SCHEMES DOES INNOVATIVE ROOFING OFFER FOR MY NEW ROOF? We offer many different options when it comes to the style and color of your new roof. SCHEDULE A MEETING WITH ONE OF OUR INSPECTORS TODAY TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE MANY POSSIBILITIES WE OFFER FOR YOUR HOME. WHEN CAN I GET MY NEW ROOF INSTALLED? Because of the rubberized component of our shingles, our roofs can be installed despite the season. We can do new roofs in winter, spring, summer, and fall ? all you have to do is call! CONTACT US TODAY TO GET STARTED. WHEN SHOULD I HAVE MY ATTIC VENTILATION TAKEN CARE OF? The best time to have your attic ventilation fixed, upgraded, or maintained is during your roof replacement. At your request, Innovative Roofing will also inspect your attic, and alert you to anything you may need to take care of. DOES INNOVATIVE ROOFING USE ICE GUARD ON THEIR PREMIUM ROOFING SYSTEMS? We are proud to use Ice Guard on our roofs! But we also go the extra mile, and use a special underlayment to protect your entire roof from ice dam leakage. WILL INNOVATIVE ROOFING USE STAPLES OR NAILS WHEN INSTALLING MY ROOF? Yes? we only use specially treated roofing nails, designed specifically for the job. WHAT MAY HAVE CAUSED THE STAINS ON MY OLD ROOF? One of the biggest causes of stains and deterioration is algae growth. All the shingles Innovative Roofing uses are treated to resist algae. DOES A ROOF LEAK CAUSE LONG-TERM HOME DAMAGE? A leaking roof can cause very serious damage to components of your home, and can promote the growth of mold. CONTACT US TODAY TO GET THE SOURCE OF LEAKS INSPECTED ON YOUR ROOF.