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  WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO MY HOME IF DURING MY ROOF INSTALLATION JOB IF IT STARTS TO RAIN? It is unlikely that rain will be a problem. Because, we can usually complete an entire roof in one day, Regardless, if rain is projected, we will move your roof installation to a later date to ensure optimal performance and safety. COULD MY YARD, LAWN OR PATIO FURNITURE GET DAMAGE DURING MY ROOF INSTALLATION? We are respectful of your home and property. We’ll protect your yard and greenery . We also in advance send and Email to prepare for the construction process and avoid unpleasant surprises or accidents. WILL YOU LEAVE NAILS OR DEBRIS GET LEFT BEHIND? During our cleanup, we make sure that there aren’t any nails or debris left behind . INNOVATIVE ROOFING CAN YOU HELP ME WITH MY INSURANCE CLAIM? We have relationships with many insurance carriers in the Omaha Area. We can negotiate with them on your behalf. WHAT KIND OF DAMAGES DOES HAIL DO TO A ROOF? Hail debilitates the protective granules on the surface your shingles, and uncovers the underlying mat to the sun. This exposure will lead to the fast deterioration to the rest of the shingle. CAN MY HOMEOWNER’S INSURANCE PAY FOR A NEW ROOF BECAUSE OF WIND OR HAIL DAMAGE? Homeowner’s insurance may be able to pay for your new roof, but depending on your options it may vary due to the extent and exact cause of damage. That is why we inspect the roof and double check the damage besides the insurance adjustor’s inspection, and give you an honest assessment of the damage to your home. WOULD A NEW ROOF LOWER MY HOME’S UTILITY BILLS? A appropiately designed and installed roof and ventilation system can eliminates summer heat and winter humidity from entering your attic and your home. And YES, the result is a lower utility bill for you. DO I NEED TO BE HOME WHILE YOU WORK ON MY ROOF? All of the work will be done on the outside of your home. Our team won’t need to have access to your home. IF MY ROOF IS MISSING SHINGLES, WILL IT EVENTUALLY SPRING A LEAK? To prevent leaks, missing shingles should be replaced as soon as possible. If you replace them early, you can prevent long-term damage to your home. WHY SOME ROOFS ONLY LAST FOR 15 YEARS? Roofing materials aren’t constructed as strong as they used to be. Since we’re experts at what we install, our premium roofing systems are guaranteed to last , and with The Residential Roof Maintenance we offer your roof will last a lifetime.